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  1. Both Ozrwys & Avplan are amazing BUT they have also increased the risk of a midair due distraction inside the cockpit etc and deadly (for want if a better word) accurate! Recently I was tracking NE in Nth NSW at 7500' in my plane A/P on, clear skies doing a little over 200 kts GS and out of the corner of my right eye this large white/blue B58 zoomed past me like an ICBM heading NW, same Alt frightened the bejesus out of me! Didn't show up on my Ozrwys, be great if everyone talked to each other electronically!
  2. Very well said, I agree completely -:) Climate Change has been happening since the Earth was formed, we are but a spec (time wise) in its evolvement! We can do zip about it! Hydrocarbon machines (planes for us) will be around well beyond everyone reading these pages! EP is evolving yes but in a very small limited capacity. For now though it's 100 oct all the way?
  3. As long as no one was killed, that's the important outcome. Every one of these types of pilot error accidents (some designs seem to attract more than others) gives us an insight in to just how venerable we are when we leave the Earths bounds to do something that's not natural for us beings. Flying is a skill, it's not a right it's a priveledge to fly, something that can be taken away in a blink of an eye! Remember that old adage, if it doesn't feel right then it usually isn't!
  4. I've put a jet down a few times in atrocious conditions like these guys experienced, it's very challenging with a degree of the Unknown & pucker factor! These pilots are human not machines, I hope the boffins who would want blood will remember that!
  5. With GA in a very uncertain era buying a hangar for the purpose of making money would be risky! Rent in these uncertain times is far smarter.
  6. Tragic -:( There's always one who is waiting in line to be a statistic! Hope he recovers and spreads the word how NOT to behave behind the wheel!
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