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  1. I looked at one which was for sale and based at Truro Flats , whilst there was plenty of room for a large pilot, the rear seat passenger would have difficulty in exiting the aircraft if in an accident where the pilot was incapacitated. Alan.
  2. During my lifetime I have had a keen interest in both boats and aeroplanes and owned more than a handful of both, my first boat being owned at eight years of age. I have built several boats but never built an aircraft although I have owned several homebuilts. It must be that I am more of a wood worker that a metal worker. Alan.
  3. Hi Jerry I'll take you up on that offer. I shall be taking off tomorrow morning in my Supa Pup ultralight aircraft from Adelaide South Australia and will be arriving at Dunkswell at 2pm on the 28th October. I will be on my way to Guernsey in the Channel Islands from whence I was deported to Australia in 1970 for having a very warped sense of humour. Welcome to our forum Alan.
  4. Hi Richard, aircraft is looking good, it was built by my Son at Gawler in South Australia. Alan.
  5. Hi Richard, aircraft is looking good, it was built by my Son at Gawler in South Australia. Alan.
  6. Also managed to land with full fuel tanks Alan.
  7. Not trying to be funny here but presume you mean't..... Great to hear. Love their aircraft, keep us posted. Alan.
  8. It's like a lot of things in life, if you have the right attitude all is well. Alan.
  9. I saw the film and was disappointed at the lack of boats which were used to rescue the troops from the beach. I would have thought that many small boats would have volunteered to be in the film free of charge, even if it was only a few aerial shots. Alan.
  10. An insurance company trying to reduce Soaring insurance premiums. Alan
  11. Sorry I can't help you on the Jabiru but there will be many who can help you on this forum. Alan.
  12. Once you have purchased your aircraft of choice you'll have to change your name to 'Happy' Alan.
  13. Reminds me of a story a work friend of mind told me several years ago. He was serving in the Navy on an aircraft carrier (Cannot remember which one) in the English Channel when three Belgian Stampe aircraft (similar to a Tiger Moth) visited the ship. The carrier was heading into a head wind with the ship's speed over 30 knots which combined was in excess of the stalling speed of the Stampes, they had to slow the ship down so they could land. I forgot to ask him what they did for take off. Alan.
  14. So there will be a door prize for the hangar dinner, I could be interested in that. What size door is it and can it be shipped to Truro Flats.??? Alan.
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