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  1. Very nice machine to fly, responsive and well harmonised controls.
  2. In the real world distance and capability don't match all the hype. Society now thinks it's OK to pay delivery people on pushbikes and motor scooters $3 an hour so how are drones going to compete with that?
  3. Looks to have a British look about it, Fairy or Hawker style. Could be a Westland but they usually used radials
  4. There is a working unit at the Nhill aviation museum. The table and tracker is all serviceable and usable. Getting an old Link that hadn't had any maintenance would be a big job to get serviceable. Very old electronics (Valves) and paper bellows for movement is what you are dealing with. I found the Link very similar to a Tiger to fly/manipulate.
  5. Superfluous really, there will be no GA left shortly to transit airspace.
  6. I have seen that before, I have some old English books that were pre WW2, it's in those. I still have my books stacked in a container, one of these years I get around to unpacking.
  7. Looks English, should be illegal to use google pics for identifying, iz cheating 😁
  8. I have flown a couple of Jodel's, they are a lovely machine to fly, light and responsive
  9. Looks like he couldn't get the mains to retract? Surely nobody would land with just the nose wheel retracted. Whatever the problem they said he was a hero 😁
  10. Looks pretty good Gazza. A trike that outperforms most tailwheels is a Zenith 701, not much can take off and land that short.
  11. Perspective. Yes if you fly in and out of VERY rough areas a tailwheel is stronger. The biggest percentage of strips that most operate out of (not nosedragger as it goes first before the mains) a nosewheel aircraft is just as capable. I have flown a few tailwheel hours, I have a bit of an idea how capable they are. I have changed an aircraft to a tailwheel just for looks. It was no faster and no more capable, take off and landing no shorter than the trike. But it was pretty
  12. There are some aircraft that do look betterer in conventional gear configuration I must admit. The poor old Tri Pacer being one!
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