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  1. I think you forgot the Sir in front? I was more in the time when Geoff ran the 83 Nissan. I was only able to watch on TV at the time but once I got my license I was at the small tracks watching Jeff Gordon and Rich Vogler rip up the circle tracks around Indiana. When I could skip school I would make it over to Indy during practice sessions. They use to have this thing called the Snake Pit that a 16 year old should probably have never be in. I did see Matty Brabham take a stab at Indy a few years back and he ran some go karts out at New Castle, Indiana that isn't more than 15 to 20 minute
  2. Maybe you guys have heard of Will Power? Or Scotty McLaughlin? Okay I know Scott hasn't done Indycar yet but from what I have seen he'll have a career in these cars for sure. Pure car control with that kid and a mental attitude like he has been around for ages.
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I hail from Indiana. More specifically right around The Racing Capitol of the World at Indianapolis. I live about 45 minutes from the track and am a huge Indy 500 fan. I was out at Iowa for their race several weeks ago. Was down in Florida in March but Covid shut that down. Would have been on vacation these couple of weeks for Indy but Covid took care of that also. Oh well.
  4. Been around flying since a kid here and there since my dad had a license. He always tried to get me interested and I enjoyed going up but it wasn't something I wanted to do. I was always more in to racing and dabbled in stock cars, dirt bikes and go karts over the years. Now fast forward some years (just turned 50 this year) and I moved to the country 7 years ago with some barns and a little land. I noticed the neighbor about a mile down the road had a strip. Over the years I have seen him go up on a nice calm evening. He usually has old radial stuff that was just music to my ears since
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