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  1. Many thanks. As a new-comer, you have made me feel most welcome.
  2. Many thanks for your offer, Blueadventures. However, I have a sister who lives at Nebo, so will take the opportunity to catch up with her. My Army mate is George Mansford a living legend. Joined the Army as a Private soldier and ended up a Brigadier!
  3. Hi Franco Many thanks for your prompt reply AND for your offer for me to land at your property. We anticipate there will be four Savannahs doing our trip north but I expect only me would like to land at your place. We are trying to foster a young fellow who works in WA on an oil rig ship. Covid 19 has completely upset his shifts so we are not sure of our departure date. When we know that I will let you know. Then we can work out if it is best for you if I fly in on the way up or the way back. Thank you again. I can now talk to my old Army Mate. Regards Charles
  4. Hi Jay Gympie aerodrome (YGYM) has mogas and Avgas available via bowser using normal credit card. Charles
  5. Hi Guys I'm Charles. I just finished building a Savannah S. With a few other Savannah owners we are planning a trip from Caboolture to Cape York. I have an old Army Mate who lives in the vicinity of Gordonvale, up near Cairns. Does anyone have or know of a strip near there where I could land? Regards Charles Mollison
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