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  1. Yeah, we've got a special type of Stupid Hippy here in Lismore - the sort the goes to a protest, but doesn't know what it's about until they get there (and apologies to all Hippies - there's plenty of smart ones). I find it hard to believe that the council can take them seriously when one of the main protagonists refer to pilots as "rich thrill-seekers". I don't think they are going to get much traction on the noise issue. I live under the circuit for runway 15 and have to run outside to my verandah to hear and see the aircraft properly. I might lodge a protest to the council that the aircraft
  2. Yes, the submission was just in regards to the budget. There was not really any We submitted the document on June 8 - council meeting was on the 15th of June.
  3. The proposal at the time was just to address the proposed changes in airport fees, which was the item on the agenda at the council meeting.
  4. Incorrect! We formed the Lismore Airport Users Group, and made the following submission, which was completely ignored by the council. Lismore Airport Users Group Meeting 16 May 2021 Spectrum Aviation Hangar, Lismore Airport (Full names have been shortened for privacy reasons) In attendance: Andreas U, Rob G, David B, Austin C, Wally S, Tony M, Nicholas R, Krystal F, Les and Fay M, Dieter R, Craig R. Apologies: Izaac F, Nick K, John M, Christopher W, Mike B, David W, Garry L, Malcolm Y, Kelly Y, Shannon T, Matt W. The decision wa
  5. I'm happy to help with any submission - one of the glaring gaps in the apparent planning process is the lack of consulation with airport users - at least we have started an informal airport users group in an attempt to plug this gap - the airport noise lobby doesn't appear to have a lot of clout - from surveys I have done on local Lismore FB groups the airport has a lot more supporters than detractos. I live under the base leg for runway 15 (have done for 7 years) and do not find any problem with the noise - if anything I get cranky at the pilots who pull their power back too fast when turning
  6. I don't think they publish a list - ring them back or send a message from their contact page - they appear to keep track of calls / callers / issues quite well.
  7. All sorted very nicely now! Phone calls AND emails.
  8. I came within about 4 metres of hitting an eagle with a very large fish in its talons at Ballina once. It would have been interesting trying to explain how the windscreen came to be smashed by a fish ...
  9. I just wish they would return my phone calls and emails ...
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