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  1. Yeah totally understand strict liability and as it should be if you were landing on the beach. I’m sure everyone that has would have done a few circles around the area scanning for potential hazards including slope, debris not to mention people. I can see from the replies that this is certainly a grey area and everyone has opinions because of an absence of clear laws and that’s where strict liability, common sense and other factors have to be considered and weighed accordingly. Thank you to everyone that replied it’s all valuable information. Cheers Nick
  2. I really appreciate the discussion and it helps understand and interpret the legislation. I was going to mention the high water mark and every beach landing I’ve seen so far has been in between high and low and under the jurisdiction of the crown. Ultimately like you said safety is the primary concern and is the responsibility of the pilot. Well I still loved the hours “training” I did and think I’ll go back and do some more 🙂
  3. Thanks onetrack, It all seems so self regulated by the pilot, like the casa document written in 1992 with “guidelines” for landings. Is there an actual law that states that it’s illegal to land a trike on a deserted beach? And what are the punishments for breaching the specific law? Sorry I was a police officer for 22yrs and vague guidelines with no actual law and punishment to view is driving me crazy. (Already suffering from ptsd so that probably doesn’t help lol) It still seems so up to the interpretation of the pilot!
  4. Cheers, I also read that you can’t charge for flights unless you are instructing? Seems like you can make up your own rules? Lol
  5. Hello there, I have recently been for my first 1hr flight in a microlight and absolutely loved it. The reason I thought about doing this is because I love to fish and a person I follow on YouTube has a trike and lands on remote beaches to fish. When I was talking to the pilot on my into flight he asked me how I thought about doing it and I told him about the guy who lands on the beaches to fish. He then proceeded to tell me that it’s illegal to land on any beach in Australia. I believe what he has told me but I’ve tried to find exact legislation that says this. In one of the videos
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