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  1. antonts

    Small turbines 100hp 130hp

    in Europe avgas is E3.00 and more, diesel fuel and avtur E1.0-1.5. So this is a question of 1. turbine price 2. turbine rating for pilot (not very cheap and easy too).
  2. Next step is drones EXTRACTING these organs right on the scene of road crash, even before road police arrived. Black painted and noiseless. Another one hipsters nonsence. To deliver live organ from LA to NY, SYD to MEL, where it is in need - this is the real task and the real problem. Donors appear randomly in time and places, rare recipients that could get the organ can be far away, organs can not be delayed for long time. But if there is a organ (kidney) in one (big, well equipped, able to extract and prepare the organ for transportation) hospital and recipient somewhere nearby, in hour of drone flight (less than 100km) - why drones and anything else? It does not allow to extend catchment area, does not reduce risks or improves conditions. This kidney travelled 24H before this drone without damage, by usual medavia and ground transport, how 1-hour drone delivery can be critical if such logistics already exists?
  3. everything is much more expensive in Australia. my GA school charges about AUD500 per hour (200 plane, 100 instructor, 70-80 fuel, landing fee, gst) and it takes sooooo looong for me to progress (about 50h now, and still in the middle of the process)... but finally this is not the biggest problem, once a week flight - 25K PA - is not cheap, but affordable. But this is fun! Flying circus as it is.
  4. there are lot of governments and other parties who intentionally corrupt gps signal. With military signal (tru certified avia gps etc) it causes ony loss of reception, they can not break into the signal, only jam it, but with civilian (all mobiles, ipads, built-in drone systems etc) such devices can shift position, substituting satellite signal with its own. Particularly in center of Moscow, around the Kremlin, all civilian-grade GPS show position of Vnukovo airport, about 50 km SW from there.
  5. in Bankstown ATCs always clear only one, second plane gets "you are number 2", "follow **** on final" and so on, and cleared to land only when previous plane really leaves the runway, not only landed and braked.
  6. air temp -30C - easy (-56C at 36000f is standard temp), but goose with even +10 body temp will be a dead goose. Also goose on 30000f is a bit fantastic, at least if it is not equipped with turbocharger from KGB labs. 10000f - easy, 3000 - every day. World record for birdstrike is 37000, but it was griffon vulture, soaring bird not spending energy for flight.
  7. there is a common anecdote about testing highspeed rail loco with similar procedure, chicken was fired into front glass from catapult... breaking thru and making heavy damage to internal equipment and even walls. Unexperienced rail engineers forgot to defrost it. Flying bird can not be at -60C, if it flies - it is alive, if it is frozen - it is dead.
  8. antonts

    Spill Resistant Refueling ??

    As I said I selected this small pump due to my very specific tasks, to fill industrial equipment, cars etc in ANY conditions. Speed and height do not matter for me, but it should be self-contained (means no cables, external power, anything else, just jerrycan, pump and some tank to be filled) and small. Do not worry about battery. Even your big pump consumes 2-3 Amp max, for 40l (2 cans) it takes 10 mins max - so it uses less than 0.5Ah from your 40Ah battery. If it is not completely flat - everything will be ok.
  9. antonts

    Spill Resistant Refueling ??

    I use JRP001, very basic, but for my tasks it is enough. For bigger jobs, especially if you always have socket with 12v, JRP005 may be better.
  10. antonts

    Silly aviation pictures.

    France, 1979, combined trip Paris-London with fast train and direct transfer to plane.
  11. antonts

    Spill Resistant Refueling ??

    This is much more heavy and requires external power (powerbox or lead to some socket). But, of course, it is more powerful and has valve nozzle.
  12. antonts

    Spill Resistant Refueling ??

    no, it pumps upwards well. From ground to full length of hose (about 1m) at least, as I said I use them to fill fire pumps in our building - usual diesel with tank on top. This is small centrifugal pump sitting in the very bottom of can, all good, not a high pressure system but strong enough.
  13. antonts

    Baby Boeing takes off over Wagin

    Austria, Modellbau Wels, 04.2017 - yes, it does fly!
  14. antonts

    Spill Resistant Refueling ??

    I use battery-powered (2 size D) pump to fill fire pumps, generators and my van with diesel fuel. About 3 minutes to pump 20l, fits in standard jerry can, rated for petrol/diesel/kerosene, $50 on ebay - search there "battery powered fuel transfer siphon pump", jrocproducts.