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  1. Ahh Love it - we need to save them all - I flew yesterday had a ball. The hole was for inspection i think of instrument wiring/rudder setup - somewhere I seen an 'approved' mod for it but not sure thats how it was supposed to look! Be good to restore some of these - mines coming along nicely 🙂 Ill try attatch some pics when its done!
  2. Great to see some pics - mine is coming along nicely but has been a much bigger project then anticipated. Does anyone locally carry any bushes for these (getting some made is taking some time). Also can I fit the rear firewall to my TST/T300? Can I make one or do I have to get a factory one? So many questions so little time! I got power into the system so just finalising the new fuel lines and then will see if it starts and runs - fingers crossed! Happy landings!
  3. Love it - Mine is 25-1068 so a bit older but looks similar - hope to have some photos soon when it is all back together!
  4. Great to hear BrendAn! I think they are a lot of fun to fly - ive only flown T500 so far but mine should be airworthy soon. Still waiting on a few parts. Found a LAME who runs a machine shop - so he is making the bits I need 🙂 Seems that half of Tasmania has flown my plane at some stage - so its has a great history. Love to see pics of your T300 🙂
  5. Hi team, I have recently purchased a TST/300 and putting her back in the air. Was in storage for sometime so a few bits missing. I am chasing the small bushes that fit at the front of the fin (under and below the fues tube). Does anyone know of any or have any! Look forward to sharing more about this little jigger when she is finished! Cheers Mark (Tasmania)
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