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  1. My Partner and I do a lot of cross country trips 4x4 driving. I have since started my flight training with the long term goal of doing a cross country cert to travel Australia with a differing point of view. Both of these activities carry us to places where there is limited or no mobile reception. With an upcoming 3 week trip where we would be exploring the outback (BNE to Alice Springs) and with the flying in mind we opted to invest in a GPS communicator. Exploring the options there were a couple of options available Spot (Gen 3), EPIRB and Garmin Inreach. We opted for the Garmin InReach Mini as it allowed 2-way communication, low purchase price and flexible plans. The SPOT although cheaper off the shelf the plans were $219 p.a and this didn't allow 2-way communications. In contrast, the Garmin basic freedom plan $55p.a and $35per month and the plan can be put on hold at any time so minimum annual cost $90. EPIRB again cheaper but doesn't allow 2-way communication. I am interested in getting some feedback on what people use and opinions experiences with different products?
  2. Understood, the lead time on the kit is a consideration. I must admit I like the bushcat and it seems to be developing a good following. Hope you will keep us posted on your build when you do get round to it. I would be interested to know how it goes. gav
  3. Thanks for the insight Danny, depending on the kit I realise there is a big time commitment to be considered. I think as things move along though the direction I will take will become more evident. What kit did you end up with? Gav
  4. Hi Neil, Thanks heaps for that advice. So many things to consider and as you point out early days. As I get closer to the purchase time I hope to gather more experience in the different types. Hopefully as well with the long awaited MTOW increase new options will open up as well. Gav
  5. Hi Barry, Awesome to hear you have finished your Cross Country, somthing I'm going to do at some point. Have you been lookiing into renting or buying your own plane for the trips. My goal is to get up to my cross country and start the exploration. Still need to get the training done though so few months out. Will look at some trips later to help build hours. Gav
  6. Hi All, So after a long time of procrastination I have finally kicked off my RAAus training and into my 5th hour at this time. It's an interesting process of getting embedded into the aviation community without having that foot in the door can be challenging. I have been meeting some great people and no doubt as my rookie knowledge turns to experience I will find my place. My goal is to go on to do my cross country rating and start exploring. I am toying with ideas of either building a kit plane like the Bushcat, Zenith 750 or buying something used like the SkyFox Gazelle but time and cost will dictate the pathway. The idea is to travel Aus and see it from a different perspective. I already tour regularly and have seen some awesome places and this is an extension of that adventure. So... that's me in a nutshell.
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