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  1. Thanks thruster. I replaced the vent hose on 1 carb and didn't realise it had to have a small hole in it. The pressure buildup was holding the floats down. Learnt something new . Just started my thruster for the 1st time. Love how smooth the 582 is.
  2. All sorted. Didn't need kits it was a mistake by me . Fixed now.
  3. Hello everyone. I am after Bing 54 kits. Where do I get them. Would Bert flood stock them.
  4. Nuclear is the way forward. Probably never happen though. It would take the government to build it as a utility service not privatised. I don't think any private company would do it because of the time it would take to recoup the cost. And if they did all they care about is profit. I believe power and Water should cover costs only. Get rid of all the grubs feeding off us
  5. We have an aeg 58 volt mower ,trimmer and chainsaw . They work good but 1 battery has failed and the other is not healthy. $340 each and only lasted 2 years . I could have mowed our lawn for years with $340 worth of petrol.
  6. What's the moral of these stories. Do you cut yourself with the chainsaw then get airlifted to hospital hence more affordable flying .😀
  7. My thruster has the black spots on the tail feathers to prove it 😀
  8. That noise is music to me. I have driven 892s and 71s over the years. No go but sound great.
  9. No sound but I presume it was a clip of a GM . Nothing else sounds as good .
  10. I purchased my thruster to learn in. I supply plane instructor is $110 P/h. At the end of the course I have saved 2or 3k so my thruster will owe me about 4k and I have a great little plane that will provide a lot of fun flying until I move into a jab or gazelle. Or possibly a gyro. They seem to have a bigger following than ultralights these days.
  11. If you drove 2 stroke GM powered trucks and normal 4 strokes you would see why 4 strokes took over from them. Outboard manufacturers have made super efficient 2 strokes but the fuel systems can be finicky and they are falling by the wayside now as 4 Strokes are far more popular. Bombardier ceased outboard production this year . Sales decline for 2 strokes being one of the reasons .
  12. And I should clarify . Horizon sails will make my new thruster skins. I did not mean to imply that they had made thruster skins before.
  13. It will be good if someone takes over. I had a breakthrough just before. Spoke to horizon sails in Melbourne. They have done plenty of ultralight skins in the past and will do thruster skins. They are booked out until January because of COVID holding them up.
  14. Doing a bit of tidying up before she gets aircraft condition inspection. Can't wait to start flying lessons. Does anyone know if that lady ended up making new thruster skins. I would like to get some made. No luck with sailmakers so far.
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