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  1. Ahmed Zayed

    Ahmed Zayed

  2. Kindly refer the following post:
  3. Ah, this should only work inside forums listings page not in the streams page.
  4. You've to wait until page loading finish then just hover on topic subject:
  5. This feature is already activated... If you're logged in as a member, and hover on the topic title in topics listing page then you can a see preview for first and last post [see the following image]: This is under discussion between me and Ian... Already some action have been taken and it should make effect.
  6. Ah, Now fixed for multi-pages topics.
  7. From the left side menu, click the bell icon then "Notification Settings" as the following photo: From the following section you can decide how to receive notifications:
  8. An issue with the Elastic Search Engine server has occurred today that caused search index table to corrupt... This issue is now cleared by the action that Ian took. For the slow loading, I'm not sure what is the reason, I have it running with moderate (Normal) speed right now in my area. If any one from the same area that can confirm, it would be good.
  9. @Jim McDowall Hi You'll need to recreate a new login on lastPass for the new plat form... LastPass, as I remember, mainly depend on form id, which is different between the 2 platforms.
  10. Disappear from what? could you please explain
  11. Update: Mobile header navigation menu look changed, also sticky to the heading:
  12. On the left and side vertical menu: /monthly_2018_11/image.png.fcd84a8683f2e4f9ef7fdf460fbfd62c.png" data-ratio="108.38"> If you mean the pop-up message on login, so, yes... You can do that from notification settings here: /monthly_2018_11/image.png.d2087f3dcd7064f9497467268778fcc7.png" data-ratio="101.28"> From the same page, scroll down, and you'll find every piece of content item will have a notification method, fine tune it according to your needs. Regards; Ahmed
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