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  1. LJS


  2. Kev

    Len, sorry for the delay, have only just spotted your question. I bought my Quik from the UK factory, who arranged the shipping through AFI UK ltd (Manchester Airport). We then used Bollinger Shipping Agency to collect from customs in Sydney. All went well apart from the Airline (Etihad) offloading my trike in the Middle East for three days without telling me. Hope this helps. Kev
  3. Good Afternoon Len I am another South African now living in Sydney, Australia. I started flying Microlights about 14 years ago in South Africa but never completed my MPL due to various reasons I would like to come up to Sommersby airfield at some point and have a look at the setup are you out there on weekends? I look forward to hearing from you regards Len Strydom
  4. LJS

    Hello Kev, A long time ago (March 2008 to be precise) You answered a thread that I started regarding importing weighshift microlights to Australia Would you mind giving me your experience with this and who you used to ship the aircraft over from the UK best regards Len Strydom
  5. "Anway, who needs economy - it's aviation, and everybody knows we're all rich! cheers Riley" Hahahaa Yes we have all made our '2 Mil'
  6. Thanks Bob, Good useful information that! Sorry for the Thread Hijack Robert!
  7. So what sort of hours do your 'well inspected' 503's rack up?
  8. So what would a 912's timex be, 1500 hrs??
  9. Thanks Nev, so like anything else in life the determining factor is cost, ie which is more cost effective, REbuild or REplace.
  10. So just slightly off topic here, a timex engine is one that is time expired, to be overhauled/rebuilt or one that is to be relegated to the 'never to fly again' use for ground fun pile?
  11. LJS

    FlightSim PC

    Steven, depending on what you buy (Motherboard and RAM) it will probably cost you in the region of $1100-00 to upgrade to the Corei7 proc. This is - as I am sure you are aware - due to the fact that the Corei7 uses the lga1366 slot and not the lga 775 slot that the Core2 duo and older intel procs use. The new x58 Mobos also use triple channel DDR3 so you will be wanting to buy the newer memory too! A good place to get all the components for the upgrade would be HOME PAGE - Unleashed I.T. Great Value Computer Products, they have very very good prices and from what I can gather they are a whole lot more reliable than MSY international Cheers!
  12. Well the first way in which you could handle the trim setup situation is a rather brutal one. First aquaint yourself with the current trim state of the aircraft you're 'flying' and then identify the trim correction(s) that need to be made. A crucial part of this process is identifying correctly which control input - I fly with a Thrustmaster HOTAS so there are a 'few' control inputs you can make your selection from - you need to make and the control orientation required. Here comes the brutal part! JUST LET GO OF THE JOYSTICK and trim until the porpoising of the aircraft has disapeared!!!:ah_oh: Having flown sims for a number of years now the process is a whole lot more automatic and co-ordinated for me now. I sometimes perfrom 'trim take offs' for fun! Some of the simulator aircraft (Aeroworx Beech King Air 200) just like their real world counterparts, won't take off unless the trim is correctly set!
  13. Tomo You might want to have a look here and modify one of these for your purposes Dual Line Parafoils | Sport kites
  14. Years and years of hard work planning and dedication!!!! Luckily he has made molds of everything as he has gone through the creation of the model!:thumb_up:
  15. What a great way to earn a living!!!:thumb_up: Florida police use motorised paragliders - Telegraph Criminals may be used to looking over their shoulders for police, but a new crime-fighting tool introduced in Florida means they will now also be looking above their heads. By Jacqui Goddard in Miami Last Updated: 9:23PM BST 09 May 2009 Officers in the town of Palm Bay are being sent aloft on motorised paragliders to act as spies in the sky, in a first-of-its-kind mission codenamed Operation Soar. Suspended beneath parachutes wearing lawnmower-style motors on their backs, they will patrol the skies looking for burglars, car thieves and missing children, equipped with radios, cameras and GPS navigation systems. The seats of their unconventional aircraft have been specially bulletproofed and the officers have standby parachutes, to protect against criminals who may be tempted to use them for target practice. The paraglider patrol idea was hatched after hopes of launching unmanned drones to conduct aerial surveillance over Palm Bay were shot down by the Federal Aviation Administration, due to safety fears. "Our agency is pretty innovative, we like to think out of the box and experiment with new ideas. The more we fly these paragliders, the more uses we'll find for them," said Lieutenant Joe Eakins. The $25,000 (£17,000) petrol-powered machines, purchased using proceeds from the sale of criminal assets, can fly at speeds up to 63mph and at altitudes anywhere between two inches off the ground and 18,000ft. Lt Eakins and his colleague, Lt Mark Renkens, will generally operate at around 400ft, on the lookout for trouble below. They will also assist in search-and-rescue operations, photographing crime scenes, assessing damage after disasters such as fires and hurricanes - and even in keeping an eye out for sharks loitering off Palm Bay's beaches. "We can see a lot from the air and it's an easy and inexpensive way to bring aerial search capabilities to everyday law enforcement," said Lt Eakins. "By being more visible from the air than on the ground, we hope our aerial presence will also be a deterrent."
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