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  1. I guess what I'm still trying to understand is whether the restriction for "no flight over built-up areas" apply to non-factory built RAA aircraft only? i.e. does this apply to 19-xxxx aircraft but not 24-xxxx aircraft. Well specifically if I wanted to purchase a 2nd hand RAA aircraft, but wanted to be able to fly into Class-D airspace/aerodrome without problems can I basically do that with a 24-xxxx registed, but not a 19-xxxx registered? (still haven't been specifically able to see this distinction in the regs...)
  2. So who performs checks on aircraft flying into Class D aerodromes then? And what database would they be checking the registration (e.g. 19-xxxx) against to see if it is "allowed" into controlled airspace?
  3. Anyone used the Garmin app with Australian maps to be able to compare it with OzRunways? Background: I saw this link: https://www.garmin.com/en-US/blog/aviation/aviation-database-coverage-and-capabilities-expanded-in-australia/
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