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  1. Flybox Propeller regulator PR1-P man_PR1P_eng_rev31_45.pdf
  2. My wife took her handbag and am way over MTOW cause of it.
  3. It's a Gentleman who has the same name, not the one you think it is. Great bloke and very community minded. He will be missed. Rip
  4. Yes 5500 is max continuous but 5800 is max rpm for no longer than 5 minutes. If you wanted max climb rpm (or 5600) what would /could you set the eprop to? My aircraft is set to 5650 straight and level and get about 5500 on climb out. (She's over weight and under powered ☺)
  5. Hi Mark, Roger Lee from Rotax Owners recommends 5600 to 5650 RPM wide open throttle at your usual altitude, by the look of the eprop they want 5500 max. Do you know why ? Could it cause it to go through redline static or on climb at 5650? Kiwi
  6. " The performance of MR (2020-02-20) Faeta is below expected norms, with both Fiti & E-prop, as to be quit concerning, although the E-prop has made significant improvement - there would seem to be problem with that aircraft." Maybe they have a calibrated ASI fitted to their aircraft so it differs from the factory spec's. (Just been a smartarse)
  7. The "r" in the speeds is gear retracted.
  8. How did you manage to take my post as been against Mark as the agent. I wrapped he is and will be looking into getting one in the future. Mark has posted true experiences from people who have test flowen with these props, not just taken convenient figures off some website.
  9. Thanks, it's a bit confusing with SD's post..... "Stall speed (two up with full flap) will vary for each model 122 Zephyr 35 knots @ 450 kg, 321 Faeta 321 28 knots @ 472.5 kg. 321 Faeta NG 33 knots @ 472.5 kg"
  10. But not at MTOW "Faeta NG 33 knots @ 472.5 kg" What is the stall speed at 600 kg?
  11. From rotaxowners.. https://www.rotax-owner.com/en/912-914-technical-questions/5448-exhaust-springs-912-uls
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