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  1. Is there any doubt that responsible Boeing staff should be prosecuted for criminal negligence? Which involves jail time. Surely aviation is one of those industries where the duty of care is high and any decisions made that do not prioritise safety should be seriously questioned. Other US businesses have got away in the past with making risky decisions that eventually required Government financial assistance but adopting that 'business model' here raises different issues.
  2. Had a look at the RAAus paperwork, couldn't find anything saying a non builder could not do maintenance. It looks like the owner can do some maintenance as can someone with a Pilot Certificate but it does get a bit complicated as to who can do what. Anyway the important thing is it looks like if I bought a built RAAus eligible aircraft I'm not barred from doing (some) maintenance. On speed, how much variation is there between similar sized and engined aircraft? Some designs look less draggy aerodynamically than others so I was thinking this could make a noticeable difference to general performance and fuel burn. EDIT: Oh and the RAAus Pilot Certificate maximum aircraft take off weight is 600 kg. Which should allow something decent?
  3. Thanks for that info Derek, will have to look to see what constitutes a "builder" because maintaining my own aircraft is a must. Perhaps I would be a builder if I finished off someone else's project. Definately don't want to be caught in a situation where I have a licence but no aircraft of my own to fly.
  4. I would want something small and as powerful as possible, that's a given. Being good mechanically is one of my skills so maintenance would not be a problem as would allowable improvements but buying would be best for someone in my situation.
  5. Wow Scott, that's some home build ? Cheers, Richard.
  6. At the risk of repetition you blokes have helped me sort things out in my mind so thanks again all of you ? It seems best to do that one hour intro flight first, if I like it then go for a licence pending my suitability. The ability to remain calm in any situation while evaluating options in an emergency seems crucial. If a licence is obtained then look around to buy ASAP so the skills gained are not lost by waiting too long to buy, hiring would just dissipate funds. Which means building is out. Make sense?
  7. Thanks for the invite, I see that Lone Eagle have a $100 one hour intro flight which seems like a good thing to do for someone in my situation.
  8. Thanks all for the really useful information, it has certainly acted as a reality check which I need from time to time
  9. Yes, learning to fly first makes a lot of sense, prior to that I may try to find someone with a similar aircraft.
  10. Hi all, Richard here, one question plus some advice please, I'm confused. With my background and facilities I have no problem with the thought of building a kit aircraft like the Sierra 200 Sierra Two Seater | Wedgetail Aircraft Pty Ltd , incidentially is that asuitable aircraft for a no licence no flying experience newb? A single seater would be fine but two would allow an instructor initially. The other thing is personal. I'm not a youngster and up until recently have had no interest in light aircraft, I enjoy speed and ignorantly thought that they were all slow and boring. I live in the country where it's ideal for flying, the sky is so big and open and I'd like to see more of it. Don't want to start a project and not finish it so I'm wondering if this urge is just a passing thing or if anyone else has had a similar later in life urge. I like to do things, have a suitable work space plus there is nothing else that appeals. What do you think?
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