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  1. The EAA magazine always features ultralights often flown by airline pilots, the stories are inspiring. But not in Australia.
  2. I landed on a big wide sealed runway today, 35 at Maryborough Vic, and a big mob of Roos scattered. I hadn't seen them from the circuit.
  3. Not just Aborigines, lots of white metho drinkers back then.
  4. I was also on the road to Sturgess once and thought those bikes were perfect for the dead straight, dead flat highway. They should be fitted with autopilot.
  5. Victoria country restrictions ease tomorrow night. But the new rules are nonsense, our local pub will not be reopening as they are allowed a maximum of ten patrons indoors, no way they can make it work.
  6. Apparently if you have doped fabric, horses and cattle will chew on your control surfaces.
  7. I had only a narrow necked Coke bottle once and a high-flow situation which caused a bit of overspray. My wife was quite polite and understanding.
  8. Its the one place in the world on my must see again list, the third time, one day when we can travel.
  9. Our headmaster at Wagga High was a very short man who stood on a block to cane people. He did it a lot and seemed to enjoy it. I got it once as a job lot with all the boys in my class.
  10. The outcome of that mating would be a Cessna 190 or 195.
  11. When unsure of nearby traffic, there is a lot to be said for weaving about a bit and looking all around. The weaving makes you easier to see too. as long as you stay in the pattern.
  12. I am stuck in understanding it. If the propellor is driven by the wind, the effective wind is zero once the car reaches wind speed. If it goes faster than the wind, effective wind speed is negative at the propellor. Then the propellor cannot drive the wheels through gears.
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