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  1. No mate, it's not spongy, same as it was when you used it. It must be at the calipers. I'll look at it when I get it going again
  2. Thanks Kevin it does sound like the callipers are not floating as you say. I'll look into that next cheers Did you set the rudder pedals and master cylinders to the ply floor?
  3. Thanks I have trouble getting them to work at all on one side and poor on the other. Garry thinks its the pedal angle. But I'm not sure, I thinks it's at the callipers. I need to go over them. Did you change the rudder pedals?
  4. Have you manage to get the brakes to work in this position?
  5. conran

    new sierra

    yeah, got the 100hp in and finishing off the instillation now, going back up to Taree soon o paint etc,
  6. conran

    new sierra

    Yes going OK, finishing off wings, brakes, Ill be taking it up to Garry next year and getting a 100 h Rotax installed
  7. cheers if I could work out how
  8. has anyone looked into BRS for a sierra?
  9. Its my plan to put a Rotax in later this year, happy to let you know
  10. Hi Josh. I live in Canberra and fly out of Goulburn. I get around. We'll catch up somewhere. Looking forward to seeing the Strike finished. Post some piccies. Cheers, Ross
  11. Hi Mate, interested in other Morgan Areo planes flyers, Im almost finished a Seirra in East Gippsland, where are you, where does your plane fly? Cheers Josh
  12. Yes it looks good, Im building a sierra as well, slow since I got it home(two weeks in Taree), but have just finished elevators, getting the top sheet rear right then onto the rudder. Having a few small problems but getting through. thanks for you postings josh
  13. Hi I'm building a new sierra, half built in factor with Garry, started on top skins at home etc. next year Ill be choosing engine and interested in any experiences people have? Thanks
  14. conran

    Cheetah kit

    Thanks great news, enjoyed the read'. So much info to go through when choosing a plan May see you up there in my own soon Cheers Josh
  15. conran

    Cheetah kit

    new to this Hi has anyone finished the cheetah yet? Hows it flying? Love the look, not far off getting my own, Some one told me the tail is a bit lose? J