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  1. That's Ron Watts' (former MAF, based at Wollongong, ..er .... whatever it's called now) It's as gorgeous on the inside as out and lovely to fly.
  2. Try this Cherk... seems to work (now) https://www.afr.com/property/commercial/from-battle-planes-to-offices-or-shops-the-oaks-is-up-for-sale-20190827-p52l3s
  3. Hi all, From a report in the AFR: https://www.afr.com/property/commercial/from-battle-planes-to-offices-or-shops-the-oaks-is-up-for-sale-20190827-p52l3s Opportunity knocks!! (trying to be optomistic) Hopefully for an aviation lover! Don't know where they got the '200 flights a day' figure from! Chris
  4. Chrism


  5. Well there you go........we don't fly for money do we!!
  6. Further on what Terry said, a bunch of us from SRFC (Oaks) did some glider spin recovery training with the Southern Cross Club and I thought it and they were absolutely fantastic. Chris
  7. Congrats... and thanks for such an informative post. Hope to do it out of a Foxbat too someday. Chris
  8. Thanks for the post and comments Phil, and others. I have made a bit of a habit of over the last few years, checking his listing on Wikipedia every couple of months to check if he is still with us on this earth. Each time I would re-read his accomplishments and follow some of the links. No matter how many times I had done it, I still was fascinated and astounded by his amazing life and character. Hope I can someday meet him in Heaven! By the way i think he was 97, not 94, being born on 21st Jan 1919
  9. Forgive me for being naïve or stupid, but isn't it the SAFE and proper thing to do to land on the most into-wind runway? So isn't it true that if an operator says you can't use runway XY, that is still serviceable, it is detrimental to safety? therefore shouldn't CASA be sternly saying that you can't say that? Cheers, Chris
  10. Merv, Aerogirl, There looks like about 4-5 from SRFC the oaks (including 1 foxbat) coming down for the seminar. Thanks
  11. Chrism


    Me too! Although only vaguely as I reckon I was only about 10 yrs old at the time. Sadly the old MF was destroyed by a bushfire in December 2002 (and it's replacement was a petrol only model).
  12. I've heard the same too from road accident 'experts' that say that probably around 50% of those head trauma deaths (and injuries) could be prevented from wearing even bicycle type helmets in cars. But as you say; too hard to force so many voters to do so. Great thread BTW
  13. I read somewhere, can't remember where, that German jet fighter pilots themselves rated the Tempest as their most dangerous foe-attributing this rating to the Tempest's low altitude speed, acceleration and firepower.
  14. Chrism

    Cargo door

    I'm more impressed by the high backed seats with head restraints.. Are they being produced by Jb in Bundy? CM
  15. The CASA people at Av Saftey seminars last year said that up to date copies of the relavant pages (including potential deversion/emergency airfields) for your route is sufficient-so not the entire ERSA
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