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  1. Thanks Keith, Paul from Border Aerospace was very helpful and was able to send pictures of the kit pieces but not installed. It is difficult to know where they go as every picture of every Skyfox 912 engine bay I get a hold of is different. Do you think I would be able to get in touch with the new owner. Perhaps I can track him down at RAAUS if it is still registered.
  2. Hi Keith, My temps are getting uncomfortably high when operating on over 30Deg days. Do you have any pictures of the tropical kit installed? Cheers Guy
  3. In answer to Chird65, Min looks just like that. All woodwoork is done and starting on glass. I call it 60%. No pictures but mine is at the same stage of completion.
  4. Thanks Decca. I see you are anouther Skyfox / Gazelle owner Are you based in Ballarat?
  5. I am pleased to say it is a Rotax.
  6. Hi all. Been looking at Recreational Flying site for a while now. I have been (and still am I guess) a GA pilot for pleaseure for the last 20 years. I have been building a KR2 for over 10 (yes alot faster than most, I just can't help myself). That was very tongue in cheek. Having been frustrated in renting 172s, Warriors and Arrow (all big dollar) and going so slow on my own plane I just took advantage of the economic crisis and bought myself a plane! I am the new proud owner of a Skyfox. Yes a staright Skyfox taildragger and no taildragger endorsement. Let the fun begin. I can hardly wait. And by the way, you should see all the skyfox owners (and Gazelle owners as well) coming out of the woodwork now. It is great. Anway, I am not much of a talker so that was my intro and I will do my best to add some benifit to these forums if I can. I am an old hat at computers but new to Internet forums so my appologies in advance if I do something stupid.
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