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  1. I hope I wasn't too much of an influence! There were 1,226 voters who cast 2,138 votes (you could vote for two candidates), which means 314 members voted for only one candidate. Rod Birrell failed by only 15 votes (about 1.2%) While I can't get into the mind of the voting members, it sometimes happens that the mediocre one gets up, simply because the other candidates elicit strong feelings eg "Wouldn't vote for him in a fit", and "He's my top pick" then people have to choose the other candidate(s) ... someone who doesn't rock the boat and isn't notorious one way or the
  2. Election results are out - Simon and Luke got up. Rod Birrell fell short by a few votes to Luke. Simon got the clear majority. More voted in the new on-line system than the old Reply-Paid mail in. There were no Informal votes - probably because you had to provide a valid membership and you were unable to vote after the closing date. Look forward to seeing what Simon can contribute. This is Luke's last term.
  3. All candidates are required to disclose any financial interest in aviation on their election statement. I would expect candidates to have some "skin in the game" and as RAA members they should have some aviation experience. I would be suspicious of someone who does not fly wanting to be a Director, also someone who is, say, the Largest Importer of Ultralights might try to use his influence. But at the end of the day they are one voice in 7. The Board need to know a lot about running a business. setting policy and negotiating with Govts.
  4. I did comment on a previous election, on the independent report on the Board, which showed 3 Directors were uncooperative or under performing. I had hoped that they may have changed their attitudes. Rod was one. Back in the days when there were 13, several were passengers, only there for their own benefit. I have been copying and digitising the early AUF magazines and it is appalling that meeting reports mentioned Board members who arrived with their meeting material, sent a month ahead to allow consultation with their State members, was still unopened when they arrived in Canberra and hou
  5. RAA Board Election is open for voting. A change from previous years - the Election Statements are on line (not in the magazine) and you will be voting on line too. I watched the "meet the candidates" live stream, where only two participated. Luke Bayly (a current Board Member) and Simon Ozanne (who unsuccessfully stood last time). Rod Birrell "did not respond" whatever that meant. There are two seats up for grabs. You can watch it on YouTube or Facebook. Members should have received an email from Verovoting. Those without an email will get something in the mail. The electio
  6. So sorry to hear this Doug. I have followed your posts for years with wonder and interest. All the best for the future. 🙂 Sue
  7. until
    Isis Flying Club was formed in September 1991. To celebrate 30 years there will be a fly-in 18-19th Sat/Sun Sept 2021. Welcome to fly in Sat afternoon. Sunday Breakfast. For more information [email protected] *subject to COVID restrictions, if any.
  8. until
    Isis Flying Club Inc was formed 9th Sept 1991 at the Childers Airstrip. It has grown to be a vibrant club with about 20 hangars and 35 members. To celebrate this milestone the Club will host a lunch at the Isis Club 46 Churchill St Childers Qld for members, guests and friends. $10 each for members and partners, $20 each for non members. RSVP to the Secretary [email protected] before 1st Sept 2021. *subject to COVID restrictions if any.
  9. Isis Flying Club tried Chillie Spray on the grassed runway. The idea is the roos don't like the taste and move elsewhere, and remember it as peppery and yucky. Initially it has worked OK. Has rained since, but still seems effective. Will ask again in a month.
  10. Our Punkin Head cover taken Feb 2008. The covers on the wings were made by an upholsterer. 2021 and they are brown with all the dust & muck in the hangar, but the Punkin Head cover is still looking good and clean. Highly recommended. This was the honeymoon - we spent it in the hangar.
  11. My old password didn't work, I had to do my proof of identity all over again. Nothing went automatically, so sent scans as requested, then get a message saying there was a problem with my POI. It took ages for me to realise that meant Proof Of Identity. Doing it all again over a slow satellite connection...... Darn.
  12. Any one else get one of these? It does not say GA or RAA. I already have an ARN, but I ended up having to go through the whole "Prove who you are" process with birth, marriage certificates, none of which processed automatically. Then the process was finished and I have to wait for the Aircraft Registration bit to go live.
  13. I know the plane and pilot. He's out of hospital. Very experienced, always practicing forced landings and circuits etc. I'll let him tell the story.
  14. I know of plenty of unfinished aircraft builds for sale - if anyone would take them. A lot are going to be more trouble to get flying than if you got something new. Then there are the post accident rebuilds - know a few of them. Getting them back on the Register GA or RAA is going to be a bridge too far for most people, unless you have lots of time & money. Engines are going to be a problem - out of time, rusted up, no parts.
  15. First thing - see your local Council. Find out what is allowed under the Town Plan (airstrip, minimum subdivision, number of sheds etc). Then decide what you want to do. To ask for something more than allowed, you will have to mount a case which will include Planners, application fees, studies etc = money! Assuming you already have an approved airstrip on freehold land - you can go two ways. 1. subdivide airside land into house / hangar lots and sell the freehold. 2. Lease areas of land - you could build hangars and lease these or lease the land and let someone build (but you may hav
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