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  1. I know the plane and pilot. He's out of hospital. Very experienced, always practicing forced landings and circuits etc. I'll let him tell the story.
  2. I know of plenty of unfinished aircraft builds for sale - if anyone would take them. A lot are going to be more trouble to get flying than if you got something new. Then there are the post accident rebuilds - know a few of them. Getting them back on the Register GA or RAA is going to be a bridge too far for most people, unless you have lots of time & money. Engines are going to be a problem - out of time, rusted up, no parts.
  3. First thing - see your local Council. Find out what is allowed under the Town Plan (airstrip, minimum subdivision, number of sheds etc). Then decide what you want to do. To ask for something more than allowed, you will have to mount a case which will include Planners, application fees, studies etc = money! Assuming you already have an approved airstrip on freehold land - you can go two ways. 1. subdivide airside land into house / hangar lots and sell the freehold. 2. Lease areas of land - you could build hangars and lease these or lease the land and let someone build (but you may hav
  4. It was voted on by the members and changed. This is not the first time the AUF has been a limited company. They were decades ago, but decided to change back. I would have to trawl though my magazines to find the saga, but I don't think they bothered involving membership back then. As an Incorporated Association (what it has been for most of it's history) it has to be Incorporated in a particular State and subject to that State's rules. I vaguely remember them being incorporated in Vic or NSW, but as a general rule of thumb, National organisations were Incorporated in the ACT, where they h
  5. I'm still waiting for my Sport Pilot. Mr FV got his and he's still monopolising it, but from the "language" emanating from behind the glossy pages, I would say its a bit contentious. I emailed our Club's contact details etc twice and we are still not in there. Asked about advertising our 30th anniversary celebrations, and that is still hanging in the air. Pace are essentially a travel magazine publisher.
  6. I just heard this morning, on the ABC Wide Bay News Radio that a helicopter pilot has been fined $500 for landing without permission. The story said that no aircraft is allowed to land on Fraser Island, that the beach landing area is for the commercial operator who has permission. The helicopter landed there and it sounded like he compromised the ALA for the commercial flight that was due in shortly. I was in the car at the time, so I only got the gist of the story, so don't know if this was today or earlier. The emphasis was that private aircraft cannot land on Fraser. I have been lookin
  7. We already have lots of pads of A3 graph paper. What he wants to do is convert the data (x,y co-ordinates) into a life-size drawing on graph paper. He wants to take data like this Data file, and plot it like the Graph file. He is not trying to make a tracing of an existing aircraft. I have explained how much work (plotting x,y & joining the dots) this will be, but he is adamant that this is what he wants to do, he only needs a long roll of pre-printed graph paper .... then a huge table to work on .... Fortunately he has a lovely wife who puts up with him I tried
  8. Mr FV wants to graph an aerofoil, life-size, so he is after some graph paper that will stretch that far, so he can plot the x,y co-ordinates and lay it out for wing construction, design etc. I tried a quick search for Graph Paper Rolls and came up with little in Australia. Thinking like a Plotter roll (or smaller), but with pre-printed grid. Any ideas on where we can get some? I see that Birch makes a dressmaker's graph paper in rolls. Anyone used that or any other suggestions? Mr FV is not computer savvy and has resisted my suggestions of an Excel chart (I did one for him pre
  9. More on this accident including pictures & video Koo Wee Rup airfield: man dead in aircraft crash (news.com.au) The presenter said it may have been caused when his helmet came loose. RIP
  10. ABC news reporting a fatality at 7am Man dies after aircraft crash in Koo Wee Rup, south-east of Melbourne - ABC News
  11. 110 aircraft in colour plus three-view silhouettes and specifications
  12. A listing of homebuilt aircraft registered through SAAA including details on the Aviation Register - Rego, name, address, date of registration, including all previous owners, make, model, photo. Separate register of aircraft and construction number. Includes 95-10 ultralights.
  13. Men & women and their machines in the various races and challenges they competed in. Covers 19 events in detail with coloured photos
  14. The history of QANTAS - Vol 3 of 3 - Vol 1 Defeat of Distance 1919 - 1939, Vol 2 Challenging Horizons 1939 - 1954, Vol 3 High Corridors 1954 - 1970. Includes photos, index, bibliography & notes. A good read.
  15. The history of QANTAS - Vol 2 of 3 - Vol 1 Defeat of Distance 1919 - 1939, Vol 2 Challenging Horizons 1939 - 1954, Vol 3 High Corridors 1954 - 1970. Includes photos, index, bibliography & notes. A good read.
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