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  1. There is currently a RAPAC submission to have a VFR lane through Coffs. Further submissions to RAPAC or letters of support would certainly help. [email protected]
  2. You must have calibrated airspeed, altimeter every two years and approved engine which Rotax and Jabiru are and your meant to get a letter of approval from RAA to say that it is approved for CTA. Like what was said already I agree with .
  3. Camel


  4. I wish some more pilots knew how to use the propulsion system properly ! Which I happen to use and like !
  5. Camel

    I got a Lightwing

    I've be flying nose wheel for twenty years with the odd tail wheel so I'm getting use to it, doing fine so far but I am a bit of a perfectionist so I won't be happy until I'm faultless, it's a 100hp so it gets off quick, I've been sticking to the grass at the moment as I'm told they can get a little wild on bitumen. I think flying the lightwing gets your flying skills up to a high standard. This aircraft was rebuilt by a few guys out Broken Hill and did a real fine job of making it like new again.
  6. Camel

    I got a Lightwing

    It certainly is, honing my skills at the moment, done some greasers and a few to make the heart race but all in all it is fun.
  7. I bought a Lightwing GR912, a bit different to the J230, but I'm not getting rid of that either.
  8. Call it a paddock,an access road, a park, a firebreak but not an airstrip as that opens a can of worms and the machinery shed is not a hangar.
  9. Fantastic to hear this event is on.
  10. I have had two problems relating to partial loss of power, one was ice on take off caused by excessive taxi time and required heat instantly and it still coughed and spluttered for a while as I lined up for landing, applied heat, swapped tanks and checked mixture rich, it came back into life and I climbed, failure to do those checks, mainly heat would have ended up in a rough paddock. Sure no one is perfect and we forget but some things like carb heat, pump on and mixture rich are very important. The other incident was on take off and it was a human factors mistake, Lycomings can foul plugs taxing so I leaned while taxing, checks done and left it lean until ready, well guess what happened, when the engine sputtered and near died I did the checks and put mixture in first as I realized I had made that error ! My point is old mate in video could well have had carb ice and nothing was done ! He had a engine failure and maybe it was preventable or should I say recoverable. My training and every BFR involved a simulated engine failure and my GA instructor would pull power on take off if I took my hand off the throttle.
  11. I was there Sat morning and left after lunch, I thought it was great event and hadn't been for a couple of years. I saw you KGW near your SIERRA but you were busy talking to another ! I was in my J230 !
  12. I had a quick watch ! I never saw carb heat go on ! I never saw fuel pump go on ! I saw a quick response of communication ! I saw little effort to slow this aircraft on landing as the stick was going back and forward ! Please tell me if I saw this wrong and why !
  13. Relax !!!!!! Seriously read your books, listen to your instructor and relax, the knowledge will sink in while your relaxed and interested,
  14. Apart from the obvious bad weather this was a great fly in ! I was unable to fly due to weather from the Mid North Coast, to get there or back ! the long drive was worth it ! And yes there were lots of Pitts and others doing their thing in the sky, a few formation Aero's too !
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