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  1. I have had two problems relating to partial loss of power, one was ice on take off caused by excessive taxi time and required heat instantly and it still coughed and spluttered for a while as I lined up for landing, applied heat, swapped tanks and checked mixture rich, it came back into life and I climbed, failure to do those checks, mainly heat would have ended up in a rough paddock. Sure no one is perfect and we forget but some things like carb heat, pump on and mixture rich are very important. The other incident was on take off and it was a human factors mistake, Lycomings can foul plugs taxing so I leaned while taxing, checks done and left it lean until ready, well guess what happened, when the engine sputtered and near died I did the checks and put mixture in first as I realized I had made that error ! My point is old mate in video could well have had carb ice and nothing was done ! He had a engine failure and maybe it was preventable or should I say recoverable. My training and every BFR involved a simulated engine failure and my GA instructor would pull power on take off if I took my hand off the throttle.
  2. I was there Sat morning and left after lunch, I thought it was great event and hadn't been for a couple of years. I saw you KGW near your SIERRA but you were busy talking to another ! I was in my J230 !
  3. I had a quick watch ! I never saw carb heat go on ! I never saw fuel pump go on ! I saw a quick response of communication ! I saw little effort to slow this aircraft on landing as the stick was going back and forward ! Please tell me if I saw this wrong and why !
  4. Relax !!!!!! Seriously read your books, listen to your instructor and relax, the knowledge will sink in while your relaxed and interested,
  5. And anyone else can get one too ! You will need a medical for CTA I'm sure and you will need the training so just get an RPL or PPL and do it ! This is about getting access on the cheap and making others pay ! I'm sure most will get a shock when they have to pay air services charges ! It's not free !
  6. If an individual behaved this way they would not be allowed to continue ! CASA are completely out of touch with reality and are ignorant about safety ! The pressure should be turned up and the heat put on them ! Certain CASA people should be seriously held to account For ignorance, lies and misleading !
  7. Thank you sir ! A pleasure to hear you with positive feed back, ! I'm happy to read people's opinion on here but thought this needed more facts ! I can join another school and teach any time I feel like it and probably make more money but I have my own style, don't stick to exact time always give a little extra because I love to fly, I have my own strip with no waiting, disadvantage is I have to mow it !
  8. Hello interested humans only ! I'm writing to be informative and not argumentative ! I am a CFI in my own school due for an inspection and have already been sent an extension ! I'm not a busy school, I'm semi retired and I enjoy teaching, I hold many endorsements and hold a PPL too , I have never been told or given any indication they want to close me down and for that matter I'm probably not worth it to them as I don't bring in enough new members but I'm like a service ! I can train, BFR's, endorsements and keep an eye on this part of the world because if you read the Ops manual CFI's report things back to RAA Ops ! The truth be known as a business it is not viable, owning a hangar, plane and school, maintaining all these things, advertising, cleaning, paperwork, etc ! If I was closed down they probably done me a favour but I didn't start a school and become an instructor to get rich ! And I get very offended by those who think instructors and schools charge too much ! There is a lot to just owning a plane as many of you know but a school adds a lot of responsibility with little renumeration ! Some time ago a lot of damage was done to me and my school by a few big mouth experts, a couple posted on this web site, one has retired from flying as he realised he is not as good as he thought he was ! And another has slowly disappeared after not being as smart as he thought he was ! Raa supports it schools very well in my opinion and will talk to me if I have any questions or if they have any, I have never felt threatened by the system but only by a couple of students would felt they knew everything before they could fly properly ! A CFI has a tough job as he has to recognise if the person is safe to go on their own and they have to have the skill and the passion to get better ! , if they think they are already too good and bagging the system then you get a little worried ! So far I have been able to recognise instant geniuses and those with the passion to get good at stick and rudder flying ! A guy who I thought was a buddy and I got into flying GA many years ago back stabbed me to no end when I went back to ultralight flying, saying things like they are not real planes and just toys, this guy was only interested in his image and had no passion and was one of the worst pilots I have ever known and witnessed several near misses he made including entering a runway when a plane was landing and ignored all radio broadcasts and warnings ! Those who think training is not as good in RAA are very wrong as ultralight are harder to fly than larger GA planes, I hope those who read my post take my opinion seriously as it is very sincere ! Hope the beginners learn to get the passion for aviating and try to get good at it ! Without the passion it's just spending money ! Enjoy !
  9. Apart from the obvious bad weather this was a great fly in ! I was unable to fly due to weather from the Mid North Coast, to get there or back ! the long drive was worth it ! And yes there were lots of Pitts and others doing their thing in the sky, a few formation Aero's too !