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  1. Goodaye all Internally finned sump needs to be taller as the crank and rods need to clear the fins. A windage tray may be need to scrape the flung oil and keep the oil at the bottom. Heat does run from hot to cold here, so it could work but the extra stuff required and size may be a problem. Couple of years ago l did see a finned cooler that clamped to the spin on oil filter, not sure about its effectivness. It is easier to control a external oil cooler. regards Bruce regards Bruce
  2. l may or may not have said to CASA person that a clear sky is a safe sky, and they make it too hard and expensive to fly.😅 But yes it looks like l have to call them. (When l am calm and relaxed) regards Bruce
  3. Goodaye all Spent the morning trolling the net about RAA and 760kg and my head is about to explode. So, is RAA getting 760kg MTOW in the near future? Just a simple yes or no would be good. regards Bruce
  4. Goodaye all The cancer scare was a missdiagnoses. It took 3 PET scans all said l had it. 4 biopsys, 3 of which were inconclusive. The last one which they knocked me out for they went for a lump and it was ordinary scare tissue. Told to go away and have a happy life.? Most stressful 8 weeks ever. regards Bruce
  5. Goodaye all Still around and healthy. l did have one of my hips fail and cause some metal poisioning, back on my feet and the the metals are slowly getting out of my system. Hopefully get my medical back around Easter. Some of the symptons were very nasty, not that l noticed.? Due to the hip no work on the Couger the last 12 months. Revising the fuel system to one 80lt tank and removing the back seats. regards Bruce
  6. l think every Australian is owed a free engine. regards Bruce
  7. DAMPen is what they do to your enthusiasm. Remember a safe sky is clear sky. regards Bruce
  8. You have to remember its all risk assessment nowadays, a safe pilot is a grounded pilot. You can drive a 50t truck down the road, operate heavy equipment, but fly????? RAA members could get a petition to go before the minister expressing there lack of support in the current medical standards. l seem to have been deemed as having sleep apnea by casa, even though my doctor says no. Heard a interesting rumor about Ospreys, yes the thing that the US marines crash, sorry use and emergency rescue in being pushed by the medical fraternity here in Australia. regards Bruce
  9. Didnt notice that, l'll have to wait for the larger model. Does that mean l have to update the Mr Fusion? or use the reactor l have in the Bat cave. regards Bruce
  10. l have had one on order with Jaycar for ages. Flux Capacitor | Jaycar Electronics Shows its the big boys who get looked after. regards Bruce
  11. Goodaye all Passed my class 2 a couple of weeks ago, was talking to the DAME and he said all the testing for Ausroads will be the same. So you might as well just get the class 2. regards Bruce
  12. Well there is a beware of aircraft sign on the road. regards Bruce
  13. Would be easier dealing with CASA than getting a plumber over with there rates. regards Bruce
  14. l think this thread is all washed up, its gone down the gurgler. regards Bruce
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