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  1. Hi All, we here in Newcastle have just today started our Facebook page for the club, we would love for all of you that are Facebookers to pop over and give us a like, would help the cause, it's only brand new today so not heaps to see at the moment but a like from you guys would help out. Many thanks. Just do a search for East Oz Microlight Club and click the like, cheers guys and gals..... http://www.facebook.com/EastOzMicrolightClub
  2. Evidently the don't do live feed saves on the net, we may have some coming if it comes ok I will post, it was a fun morning getting the talent in and out etc, bit logistical as they wanted to do all sorts of stuff to make it more interesting...
  3. Hi all , be sure to watch Sunrise on channel 7 Wednesday morning , as we will be doing a live feed up in the air with the Microlights. Channel 7's Sunrise weather man James Tobin will be at Airborne Upper Hunter Flight Training on Wednesday morningb 21st December, they will be doing live feeds from the airfield and in the Microlight aircraft. Airborne staff as well as East Oz Microlight Club members will be there and it should be a lot of fun, please keep your fingers crossed the weather is good....Should be going to air at 6 and then each time they cross for news and weather... Eric
  4. Hi All, please check my post Important: Dave Sykes Book He has given me all the info so that anyone can organise to get book.....Eric
  5. Ok got the final word on how to get Dave's book, please email him at [email protected] let him know you have in contact with me (Eric Elbourne) and ask him to send a paypal request for the email that you have, he will then do that for the 25.50pound amount, pay it via the paypal request he will then send the book out for you, all via paypal all secure. Hope this has helped anybody wanting to get Dave's book cheers all...Eric
  6. Hi All, I have just had a note back from Dave that stated, he can send book including postage for 25.50 pound equates to about $39 Aus, I have confirmed the price with him to make sure that it was correct and he replied that it is indeed correct, I have sent him a note to ask what to do from here as his site I believe is setup for Paypal but for overseas use I will pop on this post when I get a reply...Eric
  7. Dave has not got back to me just yet, but I have noticed that he now has in place the means to purchase the book, go to his site http://www.soloflightglobal.com/ and if you go down the page a little ways he has popped a buy here button that takes you to a paypal setup, cost is 20 pound, but I have noticed as well he has a note underneath that states to contact him for overseas purchases, will send him a reminder email and see what the go is with us here in Aus...Eric
  8. Hi Planey, David got back to me overnight he is evidently going to put a link on his site so that we can get it there and pay by Paypal, will see if he can do us a deal on freight and we can get some sent out, he did say he would email me back with details so will keep everybody posted when i know more as well. Eric
  9. Dave Sykes who bravely flew his Microlight from the UK to Australia has released a book of his journey aptly called A Wing And A Chair, Solo Flight to Oz. look for it it promises to be a great read...
  10. i think that's what they said about the wright brothers lol, you just never know....
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