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  1. The corn is as high as an Airbus can fly When it looked like twas climbing clear up to the sky Oh what a beautiful landing etc etc
  2. I guess I was one of the six flights diverted. Heard Linda divert to Huntly. I just kept going and went home to Kynton.
  3. And from the local paper: It is understood the incident at Bendigo Airport involved an ICP Savannah recreational category aircraft, which experienced a hard landing and nosewheel collapse during a training flight. There were no injuries. 10.51am THE north-south runway at Bendigo Airport is closed after a plane crash on Thursday morning. The two-seater light plane crashed on the runway just after 10am. Country Fire Authority crews and police are on scene. Ambulance Victoria and State Emergency Service crews also attended. Firefighters are using foam on a small fuel leak from the plane. Victoria Police have closed the runway and planes in the air are being alerted. The incident is under control. A City of Greater Bendigo spokesperson confirmed the airport is closed
  4. At about 10.45 this morning there was an incident at Bendigo requiring ambulance and fire brigade attendance. I overflew the site and saw an aircraft in the middle of the runway intersection, surrounded by firefighting foam. The aircraft appeared intact but I could not tell whether it was inverted. From the colour, it may have been one of the training school Foxbats.
  5. We need three time zones so the people at Camerons Corner can have three New Year celebrations half an hour apart.
  6. Ian do you remind first class members to renew? Would be a good idea.
  7. I love the Ercoupe and would like to own one. Enjoyed the video.
  8. Circuits in Oz are left hand unless otherwise published in ERSA. I have not heard of the Tee board. Am usually flat out finding the wind sock and ascertaining its direction. I would probably have to orbit twice to read a Tee board!
  9. About that time there was a film called Until the End of the World made up that way. Sam Neill was in it. They seemed to predict the GPS screen in a car dash.
  10. Yes good now. The lettering is in white, so don’t choose a white background!
  11. Somehow mine was white and the names of the posters had disappeared. Now blue.
  12. I read somewhere that these biggies drop fires retardant ahead of the fire, to stop it at that point. The fire retardant is red or orange in colour. It isn’t straight water, it is loaded at an airfield a long way from the fire.
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