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  1. That is interesting. I lived in Lockhart for four years as a child and didn't know i could fly there. It is a lovely town of verandas, I would just walk around and reminisce.
  2. I always have a paper map with track drawn on it, and a paper printout of the flight plan. my only gripe with Ozrunways is that it will not print out the plan without heading and times so that you can print it days before and then write the details in when you have downloaded wind and chosen altitude.
  3. No, I was flying a Broken Hill aero club plane in 1973, VH-BHU. Here is my VH-SVJ at William Creek last week.
  4. Last week I flew Kyneton - Renmark - William Creek - Birdsville - Leigh Creek - Broken Hill - Kyneton. We had a look around Lake Eyre and at the Marree Man. The photos show that the Birdsville pub has changed a bit since I last landed there. In the original photo you can just see my Cherokee on teh left, in 1973.
  5. Hey, I like the way this thread is going. Nonsensical but irrefutable hypotheses that could keep us going for weeks if not months. Bring it on.
  6. The USA built a lot of aeroplanes for WW1. None made it to France in time.
  7. How do you get "lubricated a deal" or "feathered your nest" out of negotiations on behalf of members? I am and will be grateful for whatever can be negotiated.
  8. Ok, I concede that we would be much worse off without William Creek as it is. It’s just that I spent too much of my life in crappy mine dongas!
  9. On a budget I would consider a Piper Arrow 200.
  10. William Creek offers the minimum of everything, food, bedding, camping. A monopoly that has no need to improve its offering. A disappointing destination.
  11. I should have added in my case there was high ground to the west and it was like descending into a black pit. We could see each other’s nav lights as we circled, but not much else. There were clouds to the north, I don’t remember what we could see of moon or stars but I think not much. I have never flown near last light since.
  12. Returning to topic. the Leigh Creek accident has similarities to an incident I have written about for Flight Safety. It happened many years ago, I had about 200 hours experience. The features were_ multi-day trip involving two aeroplanes delay after lunch time with anxiety to get away arrival after last light to find near ground level it was totally dark. the main cause for me was that I assumed the other pilot was monitoring things. He had more experience. we were saved by people who cut locks on the airfield gate and drove cars in for headlight landing and aiming points. the landing was then uneventful, but the half hour circling in the dark was stressful and dangerous for me and three pax. the main lesson for me was to take responsibility for all aspects of your own flight when flying in company.
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