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  1. Say I own a J230 and want to carry additional weight. The aeroplane is safe to do it, it is the same as a J430 without the rear seats. There are three possibilities: Don't carry it, it is illegal carry it, you will never get caught Lobby for a higher weight limit. which is the best option?
  2. It would be good to be able to carry a life raft over water. Not legally possible for most people at existing weight limits. Or a couple of folding bikes in a J230 with two POB.
  3. I flew Bass Strait in a 550 kg LSA. With my wife and legal fuel. With 760kg I could have done it much more safely. How can anyone object?
  4. There are some overweight RA pilot/owners who want to carry a passenger plus fuel, in some cases full fuel. Yes, that seems reasonable to me. Why wouldn’t they want that? How is that harming anyone. As an overweight person who has flown Bass Strait three times, why wouldn’t I want to take full fuel? There are some GA pilots who want to move to RA because they can no longer pass a Class 2 medical. Yes, that could be me at any renewal. I am on the annual review. What is wrong with that. I have also been a pilot member since AUF days. There are some people who want to fly Quasi GA aircraft cross-country, so bigger engines, bigger aircraft within the RA MTOW, and they would like to add more structural strength. People are already flying long cross countries in machines that are more technologically advanced than most GA planes. Some more structural strength would improve safety. There are some with older GA aircraft who want to get out of paying a LAME to maintain the aircraft. UK and Canada have shown this is OK. No adverse safety issues. I would not do that myself.
  5. Yes, because otherwise they will never live to find out the results of the senate inquiry.
  6. Turbs lists in post 12 reasons why members want the higher limit. He seems to present these in a derogatory way, but to me they are all perfectly valid aspirations for members to have. He ends with” pushed by one of these agendas” - well yes, and why not?
  7. In support of Dan's comment on technology, I only use the “what’s new” button to navigate, and read pretty much anything except the posts about models. Usually don’t watch videos as I get more than enough on YouTube feed. So all the little windows and navigation features are wasted on me. The “ What’s New” feature in WhatsUpAustralia hasn’t worked since the site was reinstated and I have had to work hard to continue there, will probably stop checking it. Hope all this commentary is helpful and don’t intend to be negative.
  8. There is a lengthy thread about this. There are two camps. Some, like me, look forward to.more carrying capacity and structural strength for safety. Others believe it threatens their flying by driving up costs, though this has never been explained. They also want to keep ultralight flying cheap and cheerful and to keep GA type planes out.
  9. I don’t know but air density is 1.225 kg/ cu m and water is 1000 kg/ cu m.
  10. If it’s under $50 k then I will buy it
  11. In Vic we have a network of fire spotters in towers. One of my friends does it all summer. The tower room has bearings marked all around the walls and a string hanging in the centre. He can give a direction of smoke within a degree or two a second tower triangulated and they can co- ordinate the smoke within a couple of hundred metres. It is a brilliant system.
  12. Very bad form. If our side of aviation doesn't get together and sort out it’s differences then we are doomed.
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