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  1. pmccarthy

    RAAus really do not care about procedures

    What exactly have they done this time that disadvantages a flying member or aircraft owner?
  2. pmccarthy

    ME 262 Sturmvogel - Was Hitler correct?

    i went looking for Winkle Brown's discussion of the 262 but found this first - possibly the best aviation story I have ever seen on YouTube. I knew some of it, but to see the man tell the story is amazing.
  3. pmccarthy

    Jabiru LSA vs 160

    Try an Airtourer 100 on a hot day.
  4. pmccarthy

    Carby heater on a Rotax 912

    I suspect 20 degrees above ambient will not make much difference to icing.
  5. I think concern about obese pax is a fatuous argument.
  6. pmccarthy

    Guess This Aircraft ?

  7. It would have load sensors, like a lift. Will not start if overloaded.
  8. Posts on the ASRA site say the Safety Directive is still in force and conclude from the photos that it had a folding mast.
  9. pmccarthy


    iPhone worked fine for me
  10. pmccarthy


    You do need to calibrate the inclinometer before use. Also turn it around and read both ways to ensure they are the same reading.
  11. pmccarthy


    Or download the inclinometer app to your phone. Measure from prop tip to mid flat part and draw line at 90 degrees. Level blade and measure blade angle to point one of a degree with the phone.
  12. pmccarthy

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    Digging, drilling, blasting, filling. I'll give you a job on a mine.
  13. pmccarthy

    How am I still flying?

    My DAME issued me a 2 year medical directly under the new system. CASA cancelled it and issued me a one year medical. He has examined me, they haven't. Go figure.
  14. https://apple.news/ABufwSv9yTAGV1quxvqdYfw On Essex Suffolk border, one man dead in light plane crash.
  15. pmccarthy

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    If you watch the YouTube videos on heavy equipment accidents the first reaction might be that these Chinese and Asian operators are fools. But they are getting things done like we used to do 50 years ago. Putting diggers on the sides of mountains, trying to drive dozers through flooded ravines. Some them get killed, but we all gotta die somehow. Meanwhile they build a freeway in a few months that takes us five or ten years.