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  1. I took my daughter and two grand daughters for a local flight yesterday. It was the childrens' first flight in a light aircraft. The two girls looked at their knees and refused to look outside, even when we flew over their house. It was not a bumpy morning. I asked whether they would come flying again. Ten year old said yes, if we go QANTAS.
  2. I find the latest update confusing. The last thing you need when flying is to be learning new stuff inside the cockpit. But I still like Ozrunways, liked the older versions better.
  3. The spotter said he flew up a valley and the Herc did not follow him out. Would the spotter be from the same US team or would he be local?
  4. It is likely that Avgas will become scarce and more expensive for political/greenie reasons. So low consumption Mogas engines and aircraft will become more popular. That could make a wider range of them available, or demand could drive up the price.
  5. Rachel Carson killed more people than Hitler or Stalin. We nearly had the bad mossies eradicated. DDT thinned the shell of the American bald eagle but otherwise wasn’t doing much harm. Likewise action to reduce CO2 will have unintended consequences.
  6. Needed to be spring mounted in the gyro days.
  7. There are lots of videos on YouTube of Russians pulling T34s out of swamps. They have been submerged since 1942 or so. They wash them down, clean them out, throw them into neutral and the tracks roll for towing. The engine and gearbox are full of oil.
  8. This seemed to be the same one that was briefly advertised a few months ago for a quite reasonable price. Perhaps it was $65k.
  9. There might be someone here who qualifies and is looking for a destination. In support of the Victorian Bushfire Recovery, Sovereign Hill would like to offer free entry to their Outdoor Museum and Gold Museum to all emergency services workers and their families. Sovereign Hill would also like to invite all residents of the six Victorian local government areas that have been declared to be in a State of Disaster to attend free of charge. These are East Gippsland Shire, Mansfield Shire, Wellington Shire, Rural City of Wangaratta, Towong Shire and Alpine Shire. Residents of the three Alpine Resorts – Mount Buller, Mount Hotham and Falls Creek are also considered to be part of the State of Disaster. After a harrowing experience for many, we hope this will offer some ability for quality family time and some respite from the gravity of their individual circumstances. How To Redeem: Arrive at Sovereign Hill on your day of choice and present your emergency service ID (Emergency Services Volunteers and Workers) or drivers licence (Community members) to receive entry. Offer Valid: Jan 15th – Feb 29th
  10. The ATSB reports are on the web and each gives date of accident and date of report.
  11. How times have changed. I recorded in my log book the total cost of all my flying up to 1975 was $2,560.60 for a total of 185.5 hours including 50% of all my dual training up to RPL. So an average of about $14 an hour. The other half of my training up to RPL was paid by a scholarship. I bought a house in 1974 for $13,500. New houses at that time cost about $15,000 to build. So you could buy a house for about 1000 hours of flying including training.
  12. Seem to be around 1700 hours. He is probably selling the high hour ones first if he hopes to continue. But expect another 15-20 to come on the market, so better deals may follow!
  13. Agreed. There seems to be a pattern like that. The red DH Dragon sticks in my mind.
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