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  1. My O-360 drinks about 35 LPH when properly leaned at 65% power. At 75% about 38, so I plan on 40.
  2. Its a beautiful clear day. Looking forward to tomorrow.
  3. Automatic elevator trim might be handy on this.
  4. How to make and decorate cakes and the occasions on which they are required. Whoops, wrong forum!
  5. Many pilots have opted out of the digital medical system for fear that CASA will access and misuse the data. The concept is sound, but the risk is very real. I don’t see any similar risk with airport fees, just pay what you owe.
  6. One of the many Mignet Pou de Ciel variants. Probably HM293.
  7. It was Sid Marshal's hangar, I had forgotten. You can see the 109 tail I think. It was Ray Whitebread who died when the canopy came off IVI. I seem to remember a mustang with Jack Brabham Aviation but it must have been a different one.
  8. I flew into Echuca last week for the antiquers. Five in circuit as I arrived, but good radio work and we all knew what was going on.
  9. We do the same. It’s about putting in to benefit everyone. Some people have lost sight of what community means.
  10. We used to throw a wire over a gum tree using a portable Traeger set with the RFDS. Ran on 12 volts, no pedals needed.
  11. A rabbit shot out in front of me when I was taxying. Dont know where he got the rifle.
  12. Rode my daughters Monster in SE France. Driving on the right, steep drops with no barriers. Scared the sh... out of me. Went back to her house with my tail between my legs.
  13. Welcome. Many motorcyclists and former motorcyclists here too.
  14. Just traded my 9-year-old Mercedes on a Toyota. Merc blew a rear blinker bulb, turned out it was an LED, cost to replace with labour was just under $1000. I realised I was on a hiding to nothing. I cannot get excited about $5 with RAA.
  15. Mong S1 Sport - this is Tom Aberle’s “Phantom” racer # 62.
  16. At Kyneton on 119.0 we hear several country strips including the parachute operations at Barwon Heads. Still, there is plenty of time to call 10 miles and the corners of the circuit. Most pilots do, and it certainly aids awareness. I guess if it got congested then the calls would diminish but at present it works really well.
  17. It did! Remember the annual losses before the upgrade?
  18. I’m just annoyed because I feel that I should recognise it!