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  1. pmccarthy

    Guess The Airstrip

    I’m just annoyed because I feel that I should recognise it!
  2. pmccarthy

    AAAA fly-in Echuca...gathering of Austers

    Was a great lineup. My wheel was at the front where it should be, but I only came to look. Thanks for the pics. 🙂
  3. pmccarthy

    RAAus to disclose member details

    Landed and stayed at Clare Valley in January. A great clubhouse and a great district for visitors.
  4. pmccarthy

    Guess The Airstrip

    Soon someone will produce a "google map image search"and I will pick every one of these.
  5. pmccarthy


    So the relevant minister is a dick?
  6. pmccarthy

    CASA booklet

    No harm in circuit calls if the channel is not congested. It’s easy to tell whether you are fighting for airtime.
  7. pmccarthy


    As a young bloke with about 150 hours I landed after dark using crossed headlights and a car at the other end to aim for. Trouble was they had to cut a gate chain to get in at the behest of Flight Service following my distress call so I got properly reamed out afterward. It was a perfect landing too, wasted on my three pax.
  8. pmccarthy

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Then its a Hatz CB-1
  9. pmccarthy

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Strange how it just floated along, must have had too many revs at idle.
  10. It’s the Comet all over again.
  11. pmccarthy

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Fisher Celebrity
  12. pmccarthy


    Having done stalls and spins as part of GA training many years ago I can remember nothing scary about them. They were lots of fun. The key was knowing that the aeroplane was designed for it and wouldn’t break and that you had heaps of height to recover. I would happily do them today ina suitable aeroplane.
  13. pmccarthy

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Can’t find it. Looks like a nice build, but fuselage a bit boxy.
  14. pmccarthy

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Or maybe not. https://www.picoshots.com/hortenaircraft/ And a video: https://www.picoshots.com/p/1994163613523101916_11538608618