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  1. Mallacoota
    Frog's Hollow Flying School (for Chinese students) turned down.



    I used to fly Cooma (Polo Flat), across the coastal range, and onto the coast regularly. Taking my Racer to my LAME in Moruya, attending BBQs at Frogs Hollow, whale watching off Montague Island, and visiting friends in Merimbula. The coastal range is spectacular with scenery only possible from the air. Well worth going out of the way for just to see the gorges off the escarpment and alpine lakes close to Bombala.


    If you are travelling in a straight line I'd suggest you stay high and avoid strong Westerlies. You will be within gliding distance of something safe nearly all of the time. Those more conservative will pick the Bega valley, and others further North, or South, to fly across because of the availability of paddocks to land in. Training schools on the coast, and Cooma way, send their students across these mountains all the time (and for that matter the Snowy mountains). It's simply a matter of preparation.


    Weather can be an issue. The distance between my home base in Cooma and the coast was less than 50nm but most times the weather patterns were very different. Two years back there was a BBQ at Frogs Hollow. A great bunch of people. An Easterly wind started picking up on the North/South strip and the coastal range started to clag in. It was not forecasted. Within 15 minutes the aircraft from Jindabyne, Cooma, and Adaminaby were on their way to be greeted by blue sky and no winds at their respective home bases. Care is all that is needed,


    Frogs Hollow has no fuel but it's easily obtained from Merimbula.  Well worth the venture I'd suggest.