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  1. Over the many years and many, many people he has taught/flown with, I'm sure there are thousands of stories involving Graham. I will always remember my PPL test. Sheldon (current Moruya Aero Club CP) was in Moruya for a couple weeks doing his instructor training and instead of sitting around the Aero Club, Graham asked if he wanted to ride along in the back seat. We flew from Moruya, touch & go at Wollongong, then my first ever landing at Bankstown , over to Goulburn and back to Moruya. I was worried about navigating my way into and out of Bankstown, having only ever seen Sydney from
  2. Graham took me through all phases of my flight training, from my RAA pilot certificate through to PPL, tailwheel, CSU and some aeros. I spent many weekends staying at the club and chatting with Graham for hours on end. He will be sorely missed by the aviation community. My sincere condolences to his family. My thoughts also go out to everyone at Moruya Aero Club, the Moruya community who knew him, and all those who had the privilege of flying with or being trained/mentored by Graham.
  3. This has probably been raised in the past so I'm hoping someone can either point me to the right thread or provide a bit of advice. Is there an insurance company that can provide life insurance and/or income protection WITHOUT an aviation exclusion? The proposals I've received say: No benefit shall be payable under this policy for any period of disability resulting directly or indirectly from engaging in aviation except as a fare-paying passenger on a scheduled airline Well to me it sounds like that excludes a lot of things, e.g. chartering a flight, being flown in a rescue helicopter
  4. Still see it in Sydney every so often. I've been here for 2 1/2 years and seen it about 5 or 6 times. The last one was on a day when the cloud cover was 6/8 and BELOW the skywriting, so you could only make out about every 2nd or 3rd letter.
  5. Can someone tell me where the nearest airfield with RAA a/c to Perth is. Going over that way next week and would love to see if I can get a flight in somewhere. Bob
  6. Well done Tomo. Hmmm, wonder what the next step in your aviation pursuits will be.
  7. I had a look at it last year. Back then it was $8800 up front for 6 years. The way I calculate it (based on $12000 up front) you need to do about 26 hours/year minimum before you start to get benefit out the scheme. Obviously the more you fly the better (and cheaper in the long run). The thing I liked about it is that it's not actually your aircraft and it's not a syndicate so there should be no argueing over minor things. Also, when the aircraft gets updated your membership transfers to the new one. Of course, no being your aircraft, there's a downside too . . . you have no say.
  8. Hi GDL. The short answer to your question is - there's definitely things to see and do in and around Melbourne. No doubt you'll get the Melbourne knockers telling you it's not nearly as good as Sydney but having lived in many cities in Australia, I can tell you that every city is worth a visit.
  9. What I learned was to always fly the heading accurately and adjust for changed winds on your 6 minute checks (or 10 minute, 10 mile, whatever you're taught). So I don't look for a reference point, I regularly check my heading as part of my scans. Good idea to ask your instructor.
  10. I read an article (I think in the Sept/Oct Australian Flying) that was talking about tax liablilities and legalities of pilots claiming use of their aircraft. It didn't go into great detail and I can't remember if it quoted any CARs/CAOs but what I gathered from it was that you could use your aircraft to ferry your equipment around, (eg if you were a tradie going to a farm to fix some equipment, you could carry your tools etc) but if you were carrying goods to sell that would be illegal (selling goods seemed to include taking any parts you would need to fix said farm equipment). If anyone has
  11. I was thinking the same thing David. My PPL test included CTA but my AFR didn't and the ATO/CFI said that is sufficient. Bob
  12. Hi Jeff and welcome to the forum. I too do a bit of flying at Moruya so hopefully I'll get to say g'day and see the Sierra. Hope you don't have too hard a time getting back into the groove. I know you'll love the Gazelle. Bob
  13. There's some excellent phots in this thread ... perhaps some for the calendar Tomo????
  14. Darky, I use these sick bags. They have a wide plastic rim so hopefully people won't miss. Only problem is they're a bit bigger to carry but they're good. My wife's a nurse so she managed to get me a few. Vomit Bags - shs Products Bob
  15. If you have a bit of time to read, I found the Trevor Thom "Aeroplane General Knowledge and Aerodynamics" has a good explanation. Also, maybe try AIRCRAFT PROPELLER CONTROL AND OPERATION or aircraft propellers and how they work or just google it. They explain it much better and in more depth than I could. Bob
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