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  1. The compression or leak down number only say what each cylinder is like. The cost of replacement or overhauled cylinders is not huge. However, on a little used engine the big problems will come from internal corrosion and deterioration on things like camshaft, etc. When I bought my Auster it had done only 3 hours in the last year. One cylinder had 36 while the others were 78. It had corrosion and leaking round valve seat. This was fixed and the total was about $1500.
  2. Brings back memories. Quite a few hundred enjoyable hours flying SNQ including on my honeymoon!
  3. Don’t sell the Auster Kaz. It’s painful
  4. I only met Ido last month and went for a fly with him. He seemed a very nice guy and his enthusiasm for all things aviation was infectious
  5. With my current cancer there is no talk of cancelling actual licence. In fact CASA are keeping in touch with progress so we can start the process of getting medical back. While the process sucks it certainly attainable. there was an article not that long ago of a QANTAS flight that was crewed completely by people who have recovered from cancer.
  6. Still battling the big c but making progress. Hopefully get my medical back in a few months
  7. Nice one Nev ! The C180 is one of my all time favourite touring aircraft.
  8. Pretty impressive. The difference between the Foxbat and A32 is huge and shows what can be achieved cleaning up. They are the same wing I think.
  9. Hi all, just wondering if anyone in the Sydney area has FLARM installed in a GA aircraft. Would be interested in chatting
  10. It’s weird flying in to Camden via Oran Park. It’s a huge new town where the old race track was. Every roof is grey !
  11. While I understand its an interesting project and is worth doing to keep brain cells working I am not sure that there is actually a need for a backup ? If you are using apps like OzRunways they allow you to load a copy on your phone as a backup as part of the subscription - including all the functions they offer.
  12. Wouldn't it depend on what the minimum octane rating for your engine is ?
  13. There has been a big focus recently in reviews on partial engine failure. Last two AFRs I have done have included it. As the guy says in the video in some ways it can be worse than a complete failure
  14. I am going for the full week - my first time. Joined the EAA and booked the full week ticket as well as camping on site. All very easy.
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