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  1. Thanks Guys, Curandero, I really want a single seat aircraft. James, I have heard good reports of your Supapup. I'm still at the stage of making up my mind if the Supapup is the right aircraft for me before I buy.
  2. Hi all. I'm new here, but keen to benefit from the accumulated wisdom of the forum members. I've just converted to RAA licence from GA, having found myself in need of transport, and no longer having a cessna to fly. After considerable research and deliberation I concluded that I needed an aircraft with the following attributes. 1. all metal 2. folding (high) wings 3. single seat, enclosed cabin 4. reliable air cooled engine 5. safe and proven design, preferably Australian pedigree 6. good stol performance more important than cruise speed, but not under 80 kts cruise. 7
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