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  1. 36 is doable with enough finances (lots) but the wife and kids mate it difficult. Realistically rules out GA and makes instructing the way to go, and it’s a hard long road but if you are dead set on doing it, currently it’s a good time to be a (qualified, experienced) pilot, and doesn’t look like it is going to change in the short term. Quite feasible to get an airline job with 1500 hours or less at the moment.
  2. There is a Jab that flys out of Derby (literally up the road by Kimberley standards!) couldn’t tell you if it’s private or hire, apart from that you’re out of luck.
  3. Personal insults on the internet usually come from the lower end of the spectrum Aldo and don’t help support you point, which is at best rubbish.
  4. There’s absolutely no way that night flying is as easy as day flying, that’s just dribble.
  5. ben87r


    All very true but that will be OCTA and with only traffic advice, not separation.
  6. A flow and a checklist negates the ‘need’ for a Mnemonic. Back in training we had a CAMOFDBUMFLUFF type of thing. If something needed to be done outside of that we had no SA to recognise it. Would highly advocate for not using one now.
  7. You wouldn’t get me in a single again at night for quids, but I’ve done it, on the best and worst of nights. You would find a NVFR C152 easy enough, and not dissimilar price?
  8. ben87r


    Ben...RPT or Charter? Yenn If your fellow pilot is confused now, how will he be with more changes and. 20 NM radius CTAF? Kaz RPT
  9. ben87r


    That does sound like a royal pain but from my side I’m just trying not to fly a passenger aircraft into another in IMC :). Spend a bit of time at the ‘busy’ FNQ CTAF on a bad WX day and you’ll see what I mean. Also if they were to do it correctly with descent steps at you altitudes outside of the CTAF you would be OCTA. RPT doesn’t have 2 pilots, above 5700 does. There’s a lot of single pilot RPT going around. Not that it changes a lot, we’re usually capable of monitoring two frequencies. I don’t want to see any equipment changes from the current but class E surrounding the RNAV a
  10. ben87r


    I think CASA have missed an opportunity here to extend the CTAF broadcast area project that has been used elsewhere with good results. Multi to busy then set a broadcast area to break it up.
  11. ben87r


    Kaz Im assuming the you fly VFR? If so could I ask what you reservation to E being lowered is? Genuinely interested. The main reason I support it is for approach separation in IMC
  12. Well it wouldn't be aviation if we all agreed all the time, what we we be able to drink beer over! I wasn't suggesting that it can't, just that mine didn't. I do believe in starting In GA if that's what's planned, but if like me you start RA not knowing how far you will end up, it's not waisted experience, just doesn't necessarily fit what you're training towards at the time. I should add that I ended up doing the 150hr course which the hours couldn't be used for, but either way they weren't happy to count them for me. My RA hours got me over the 'golden' 200hr mark which may have helped
  13. There is usually an amount of comment from some experienced folk about the training standards between RA and GA, without re reading this thread this may have been one. I’ll usually say that if you want to fly GA PPL or above then go directly to GA. NONE of my RA flight time contributed to my CPL and realistically nor should it have. PPL standard, whilst still quite low is a reasonable step up from RA.
  14. I’ll take a twin turbofan RV10 thanks!
  15. Yep direct entry or, basically "qualified" as in you meet the minimum requirements. Cathay as an example has a few different levels of entry ranging from zero hour to direct entry. Atpl subjects can be sat anytime after completing CPL subjects. Off the top of my head you need 1500tt 700pic 100 night 75 instrument and possibly some other stuff I've forgotten. Only the pic (captain) needs an ATP and you can be an FO without subjects.
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