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  1. LRL

    Warnambool airport question

    Wire cable to tie down on north side of apron usually 1or 2 aircraft there. No dedicated run up area, but usually plenty of room.
  2. Mark, Have Sportstar/sl40 Garmin ,Significant ignition noise in both headsets, checked all earths,new voltage reg.Trim indicator lights also go out.Can you please help? can be contacted on leslatta@bigpond.com or 0427 508305 or if had your contact would be happy to contact you. Regards Les
  3. LRL

    Still Building

    Is the terrier finished yet Keith. Wouldn't mind a contact no or email address to talk . leslatta@bigpond .com
  4. Trying again, how's the terrier. would like to talk. leslatta@bigpond.com
  5. Don't follow me, I've been lost for ages!
  6. Hi Keith, how's the terrier going? Would like to talk about it. I can be contacted leslatta@bigpond.com