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  1. This I am sure is to get your contact details to bill you for landing fees?
  2. Mc Guyver

    Wind/weather Map

    Using Somersby which is 840ft it makes me think AGL but not sure. The surface winds compare with what we have now. I wonder how we could confirm?
  3. Mc Guyver

    Wind/weather Map

    Brilliant site! The heights given I think are AGL?
  4. Unfortunately bad news. SMH reports wreckage found and no survivors. RIP
  5. Mc Guyver

    Accident Tyagarah Air Strip NSW

    My condolences to the family. Ray was a very safe and competent pilot and instructor with many hours in all conditions. A true gentleman whom would go out of his way for others. RIP
  6. I heard him calling 5 Miles west of the field @2300 ft. with intentions to glide to Warnervale. Pity he didn't take the fields west of the freeway with a turf farm making a good landing spot. However it is always very easy to comment after the incident/accident from an armchair !
  7. I know of it happening to a 914 fitted to a Gyro so seems to be a problem on all series!
  8. Mc Guyver

    Starting a 912 rotax

    Had a similar problem. I think it is time renew the springs and that should solve the problem!
  9. Mc Guyver

    Starting a 912 rotax

    What do you mean by blown off muffler? Did exhaust pipe crack through?
  10. Good Afternoon Len I am another South African now living in Sydney, Australia. I started flying Microlights about 14 years ago in South Africa but never completed my MPL due to various reasons I would like to come up to Sommersby airfield at some point and have a look at the setup are you out there on weekends? I look forward to hearing from you regards Len Strydom
  11. Bluey, my jiggle syphon is always immersed in the fuel in the funnel as well as in the jerry can, so I don't think there is any chance for static to jump across. You are using a spout on the container with a good air gap for spark to jump across!
  12. Thanks Len! Will call you soon!
  13. Mc Guyver

    Hi guys!

    1 hour North of Sydney!
  14. There is a trike school at Tyagarah just North of Byron Bay run by a friend of mine. My email microfly@bigpond.net.au my mobile 0404808853
  15. I am 80km North of Sydney.