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  1. I am based at Wellington(Brooklands) and do over 200 landings and take offs per year and have many friends fly in to visit and we don't have a problem with 3 corner jacks. I am not saying There are no 3 corner jacks(actually cow throp ) on the property of 178acres but the runways ,taxi ways and areas on the side are clean. Cheers Helmut
  2. Tim,wellington is on the both VNC&WAC as YBAK it is actually Brooklands Air Park. The frequency is 126.7 Cheers Helmut
  3. What the hell is going on in SA? Making that kind of statement on a comment without being there then insulting SA pilots is a bit stiff . Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone!
  4. I agree ,I have a 3 blade Patroney pro on my 6cyl Jab done 250 hrs with the prop and would not swap back to a wooden prop. Also fitted one to my brothers Lightning 150 hours the only maintenance required so far on both props was a clean and polish. I helped a friend fit a 2 blade one to his 4 cyl,it performs better than the Jab prop and smoother. The downside of these props is that they are weigh more. Cheers Helmut
  5. The wing on the SK is the same wing as the SP, 160,&120
  6. My Jab is SP500 6cyl. I am glad you enjoyed your flight flyerme, we might do it again soon . For anyone interested in landing at Shirlock make sure you are up to date with short field procedures , as the runway looks very short as you fly over it and seems to get shorter on final. Cheers Helmut
  7. Thanks for posting it I really enjoyed watching it .
  8. Wellington airfield altitude is 40ft ASL. There are 3 runways, 09 - 27 is 800m, 18 -36 is 900m and 04 - 22 is 500m .
  9. You are correct Rod,evenwith 3cyl running I should achieve 200ft/min, must have been half asleap when I wrote it. It would have been good to catch up, I might make it to Temora next year. I am currently setting up the engine in my freinds new nearly completed Lightning , this will have electronic fuel and spark control . After I get the spark maps set up I and trim the fuel maps accordingly I expect to get more improvement to fuel economy in cruise. Cheers Helmut.
  10. I have been running EFI on my Jabiru for 7 years(400hours) with no problems. My climb rate full fuel and 90Kg pilot is 200ft/min. At 125 kn I use 15-17lt/hour. There are also a 3 other Jab 6 engines I have set up EFI on. One has 200+ hours , one 200+ and the other 140 hours without problems. The only problem I have had is that the Jab alternator is marginal at idle & up to 1200RPM, the EFI uses 2amps more than the alernator is making, it breaks even at 1400RPM. I have now fitted a 45AMP alternator which ahas fixed all my cahrging problems,the engine also idles better and appears to have m
  11. I am a firm believer in changing the oil at 25 hours and filter at 50 hours. The 2200 Jab SK (2nd jab kit produced) which I built and now owned by my brother did 1250 hours on the last engine before requiring a top end overhaul. I ran it in on aeroshell 15W/50 as I do with all my Jab engines none have oil usage problems. The 2200 has now done another 250+ hours since top end overhaul and running sweetly. Cheers Helmut.
  12. Don, if you use company fuel stations as your supply of fuel I have never had a problem with quality. In my past life managing the engine development area I quoted and won a contract to test12 evo race engines for Mitsubishi Japan. Their fuel requirement was 100 RON and BP Ultimate was the only fuel that met their specification. We always took sampes and had them annalysed at every fill and the quality was always good.There is also another advantage using mogas as it gets blended every few weeks to compensate for the seasonal changes in temperature, which will give better starting in the
  13. BP 98 ultimate ,keeps plugs kleener than avgas, starts better , no change to engine temps(EGT,CHT) and is cheaper. Helmut.
  14. I pay $120 per year this includes our club memebership. I own the 12mx12m hanger which I built 14 years ago and we(the club) own the land 178 acres which we bought 16years ago at $1500 per share. Cheers Helmut.
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