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  1. Looking at the photos, maybe they should have built the twin towers out of natural stone.
  2. And on that note, How many times do you flash a car on dusk in an attempt to alert him to turn his lights on because your trying to tell him you can't see him, but obviously you did see him !!! Hi-Vis really took hold on the railways, but when you think about it, unless your standing between the tracks there is no way a train can get you, but then if your on a platform and some crazy person goes off, you would think that the person in Hi vis would likely be the target.
  3. I want to know how this new system will convert the number of LAME's out there who are not overjoyed by some of the aircraft in out fleet and who choose not to work on them. So for a training school to continue it will have to run out and buy a new fleet around $150k each......... I can't see this happening. So for a short time gain for current aircraft owners , without new membership, fees go up, and the death spiral begins.
  4. Give a man an inch, and he makes himself a ruler ! This is not going to be good for RAA schools.
  5. When my Odessey died after about 8 years, I put in a 12v 20ah AGM Fusion Battery I got from ebay. $58.00 delivered and it spins the prop faster than the Odessey ever did.
  6. I don't trust the chargers that much, so I use an el cheapo bunnings plug timer switch in the line. Just set it for 1 hour a day or every couple of days, and when the charger cuts in, it boosts it with a big hit, and then cuts it back, and even if it's not so smart, it can't boil the battery in an hour.
  7. Col, True, and the argument then develops into a tit for tat Take a look at the big picture for an overall view NSW between the hours of 10 pm & 6 AM on an average day consumes around 8,000 Mw per hour ( 10 PM ) and drops rarely below 6,000Mw ( 3 - 6 AM ) per hour during this period, and rises to around 10,000 Mw during the day and early evening. (AEMO Website figures) Between 10 PM to 6 Am that is a minimum of 48,000 Mw used and 128,000 Mw (Av 8,000Mw) for the rest of the day. To provide power during the evening period (Little wind & No Solar) the 48,000Mw would have to come from either batteries or pumped hydro and they would have to be recharged during the day, and both require additional power to do so, (Hydro is 30% minimum and batteries would be a lot lower) Overall lets say 15%. Now the daily usage of power has jumped to 183,000 Mw (128.000 Mw normal usage, + 48,000 Mw Re charging + 7,200 Mw inefficiency factor ) So when Solar Farms and Wind Farms with their 20 - 50 Mw outputs are touted as taking us to the promised land, it's going take a lot of those 20's & 50's to reach any where near the 18,300 Mw per hour that is required. It makes my Boeing 737 example more feasible.
  8. The plan is for 6 Pump/Generators, each on produces 300Mw in Generation and uses 350Mw when pumping. So that's 1800 Mw max produced at the site in generation and 2100 Mw at the site when pumping, and seeing it will require a 100 klm of new transmission lines to get it to the grid ( N/W of Goulburn) the plan says that that will have a 10% loss either way. The feasibility study also states that it will be 60% efficient when running at 2000Mw (At the site). Therefore in pump mode that's 40% extra power needed plus a 10% loss back from the grid, Assuming we divert the solar farm at Royalla Act (20 Mw with 180,000 panels) back to Snowy Hydro then we only need to find another 2180 Mw ( 2100 Mw required at the site + 10% extra for line loss = 2310, less the 20Mw from solar) 2290 Mw. If we divert the output from over 2000 Wind Turbines, we can get the water up the hill, but what does everyone use for power in the meantime ? Or economically, for every 2000 Mw they sell, they have to buy back 3,000 Mw to put the water back. In kind it's like saying, we will replace the Boeing 737 engines that use 1,000 to 2,000 litres per hour with a couple of Continental 0-200's because they only use 60 - 80 litres per hour. People will think It's a plane and an aircraft engine, It should work. I'm not anti renewables, just a realist
  9. From what I have been able to ascertain, it appears that coal is only harmful to the planet if you burn it in Australia. Interesting fact though, Australia already has 3 major pumped hydro plants (Shoalhaven, Wivenhoe Dam & Tumut 3) but they are seldom used (In pump mode) because they are uneconomic. So now we are going to build a bigger one to solve our problems. Kind of like the Irishmen who take a truck to the markets and but watermelons for $2 each and sell them by the side of the road for $1.50 each. At the end of the day one turns to the other and says "We haven't made much money" and the other replies "We will have to get a bigger truck"
  10. Chanel 7's report was questionable. Firstly it was Breaking News with video footage, and a statement "The pilot walked away uninjured" Next was, the uninjured pilot was taken to hospital ??????? Do they really read what they say. Then next was "A pilot was taken to hospital following an aircraft crash. If there is no story, we will make one !!!!
  11. I'm with Callahan regarding the usefulness of a camera. I thought I would be clever and mount a set of ultra sonic detectors on my undercarriage to measure the distance I am from the ground during the flair. An inexpensive exercise, just get a set of Reversing Sensors off of Ebay, fit the sensors to the undercarriage and have the visual display in the cockpit. I mounted the display on the bottom of the canopy, so it sits on top of the dashboard and in my direct forward vision against a black background formed by the black material on the upper dash and the black canopy surround, and has 2 displays. One is a set of LEDS that come in from both sides and go through a Green, Orange and Red scale to indicate closeness to the ground, and the second is a digital readout of actual distance from the ground from 0 - 3m (Stands out like Doggies thingo's) In practice, and after roughly 100 of landings, I am still unable shift my concentration from flaring and landing, and shift focus from what's going on outside, to what's going on inside and back outside again, even though it's right in front of me, and in theory would only take seconds to do.
  12. Don't forget, we can only fly in Daylight hours. !!!! So double those figures Average Figures.
  13. With kaz3g's enlightenment of the incident, I can now see a current horticulturists report as a requirement for flight plans in and out of airports with grass strips.
  14. If there is any truth in the thoughts of members that CASA are the puppeteers of RAA, and the path ahead is all doom and gloom. then the length in time that ELAAA are waiting for their approval, may just add weight to that argument.