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  1. Why not a Tecnam Golf?????????? Willborne.
  2. I have a Golf with MTOW of 544 just had it registered. I do have a type certificate stating 544.
  3. Yeah Alf sit around the same as you have quoted
  4. I am based in Casino and try and avoid taking off on runway 28 as much as possible. Landing on runway 10 is also a worry with vans and motorhomes everywhere. The van park is a giant pain in the $$#@ and you end up using runway 10 for TO and 28 for landings even when the windsock is telling you not to. Willborne
  5. Looks like a great club and $5 breakys - yahoo. Will be a supporter for sure.
  6. Got to say it that why I like the BIG centre stick in the tecnam.
  7. I've flown a 80 hp Echo and yes figures are correct. As already stated their climb performance won't be as good. Build quality and design is second to none however I am a little biased. Very well balanced controls with excellent feedback. Willborne.
  8. Unbelievable, can't believe he is gone. Goodbye Wayne we will miss you mate. Willborne
  9. Alf my Golf's manual states electric fuel pump must be on in all modes of flight. Go figure. Willborne
  10. Let me know when you have finalised course BP I would like to be put through the ringer (so to speak). Willborne
  11. My Golf has a reinforced rib going over the canopy. In training I was told to release top lock before impact. If inverted kick the perspex out.
  12. I have a problem with GA CFI's working to a different standard to RA CFI's. Get real cficare.
  13. Maj, The Operating handbook for my Tecnam Golf was amended to leave the boost pump on at all times. However I have a fuel pressure gauge. I must admit to leaving it off (by mistake) once when on cruise for an hour and it operated no worries. Would you know why I would have to leave the boost pump on all the time? Willborne
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