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  1. Actually I want on a multi-day horse riding trip once. Recommend attire for all sexes included pantyhose. I thought they were joking, and as a result had much more leg and bum pain than others...
  2. sorry, i should have said why to check that stuff. Most often those sounds of noise issues come about due to a grounding problem. Coax connectors are generally pretty reliable, however they can fail, particularly in high vibration environments. I said the power filter may help, but if its a ground issue then basically you have one (or more) part of the electrical system using a ground with a different voltage on it to the rest of the system. The power filter doesn't really address that problem, but if the underlying issue is dodgy power filtering in your radio, it might alleviate the issu
  3. Check the earth shield on the coax hasn't come loose at either the connector at the back of the radio or at the antenna mount. You can use a multimeter to check that out Check the power connections to the radio - in particular make sure the ground connector is clean and making good contact. Try adding a power filter to the line coming to the radio, which may help a bit.
  4. meh. read the consumer protection laws in your state, or check out the trade practices act. Just let them (Icon) know that the contract isn't valid in Australia and you need one that is. Call your local consumer protection agency and get a reference number from them to supply Icon with - if your still willing to buy from a company that behaves like this.
  5. sucks for the passengers, but that is a great call on the part of the pilot (and presumably co-pilot)
  6. Being convicted of a crime, basically. It is a little more complicated than that, particularly if you deal with children or at-risk people (asylum seekers etc), and for certain other types of jobs. Check out the spent conviction scheme for info that matter (http://www.afp.gov.au/what-we-do/police-checks/spent-convictions-scheme). Being a suspect should be insufficient, as nothing has yet been proved against you. I'm not sure what the police are allowed to do with the information provided to them as part of the check. In theory it should only be used for the intended purpose (privacy
  7. bah, can't believe that dude thought he had 1+1=2 right. everybody knows it =10 in this digital age.
  8. I made an avr based cht gauge a while back, never actually put it in an aircraft though. I've lost the schematic of the final version, sorry. Use a decent regulated power supply, a precision voltage reference for your AREF and a proper instrumentation amp (ideally a temperature compensated thermocouple amplifier) and you can get some pretty good accuracy. EMI can be a problem in an auto/aircraft install. If you want to experiment check out ebay etc. An arduino Nano will cost you about $3 or so.
  9. It doesn't contribute anything but, Oblig xkcd on the topic:
  10. If this site (Ian?) wants to set up an award honouring Maj I'll contribute.
  11. Off topic a bit, but the Halifax incident makes some fascinating reading (and listening/viewing) on the subject of Captains and obstinence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halifax_Explosion
  12. Driving around Canberra you see a lot of people who can't get their car between the lines as well as that guy did. Even on handicap spaces...
  13. I recently had to go through the customs process for an >$1k purchase from overseas. On the whole, the customs people were very helpful, however when it came to identifying the correct tariff code I was at a loss. The item I'd purchased could have sort of fit a number of categories. There is a support service customs provides to assist with this process, but there are long wait times before they can assist (i think 10 working days). I ended up picking a code that looked right if I squinted a bit. Customs was fine with that in the end, but given the fines for screwing it up..... I ma
  14. I had to go looking, and found a reference to it in the US regs. I havn't found the AUS or UK regs yet, but I suspect they are the same. 87.131 defines the power and emissions standards: http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=aa7500faff2a901aa69fb933fbec0f83&mc=true&node=pt47.5.87&rgn=div5#sp47.5.87.d Unless I'm reading it wrong (probably), our VHF aircraft comms is limited to 55 Watts. I'd recommend looking that up before designing and building a radio for it.
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