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  1. It is explained quite well in the Jabiru Fuel Guidance service bulletin. Copy attached JSL007-7_Fuel_Guidance.pdf
  2. 2008 and later Lycoming 0360 & i0360 engines are OK to run on Mogas but Lycoming put a number of of conditions on this including the lack of quality control over Mogas products so they do not make any specific recommendations. Jabiru advise that Mogas is a recommended fuel with some conditions. Extract from the manual below.. 3.7 Fuel 3.7.1 Recommended Fuel Types: Table 4 – Fuel Types Fuel: 2200 Applicability 3300 Applicability - AVGAS 100LL & AVGAS 100/130 All S/No. All S/No. - Leaded & Unleaded Automotive Gasoline above 95 Octane RON (AKI 90) S/No. 22B001 on S/No. 22C001 on S/No. 33A224 on S/No. 33L001 on Notes: 1. Table 4 provides basic information only. Detailed information is available in Jabiru Service Letter JSL007. 2. Due to poor control of quality and content Automotive Gasoline (MOGAS) is used at the operator’s risk. JSL007 refers. WARNING It is important to realise that due to the lower QA standards, even following best practice it is still possible for a particular tank-full of MOGAS to be unsuitable or unsafe for use in a Jabiru Engine. Jabiru Aircraft may choose to void any warranty for engines which have been damaged due to “bad” MOGAS. Operators use MOGAS at their own risk.
  3. Airventure is not run by RAA. They are just one of the major sponsors as is/was Bushcat GAP, Azimuth, Ozrunways Aviation trader & Parkes. Airventure is a Not for Profit organisation originally founded with collaboration from RAA, SAAA, APA & GFA. That collaboration seems to have somewhat soured. The weather certainly played a part in the success of the fly in. Saturday was horrendous with a massive dust storm & the site was evacuated. Conversely Sunday was great & the Airshow well attended but overall they would have lost money. It was well planned & run but the cost to put on would have been huge. I'd think the kit cost less engine & prop would still be around 20k so I'd say whoever won it ain't getting it.
  4. I changed to 98 when BP began adding ethanol to their 95 over a year ago.
  5. The difference when taking a head off a Jab engine running Avgas & one using 98 ULP is very noticeable. The Avgas heads & cylinder tops generally have deposits on them & the 98 ULP heads & cylinder tops don't. Avgas also fouls plugs especially running full rich and the engine is not hot. Jabiru recommend Avgas but also advise Mogas 95 or higher is OK. The only reason I can think of for the recommendation is quality control and the possibility of vapour locks with Mogas
  6. I was called out at 1:00am on Saturday morning as a 6 kVA generator we (SES) had loaned to the Glenreagh RFS wouldn't start & they had evacuees from the fires coming to the hall & they thought the power was about to go. First I checked the spark with another plug. All good, then the fuel filter, all good. Removed the plug & it was wet but no smell of petrol, removed the carb float bowl & emptied the water out. Turned on the fuel tap & flushed the line, reconnected everything & it started first pull. Hondas always start. The fuel was stale about a year old but 91 octane so not too bad. The tank was half full. The Generator had been stored in the shed & not run since we loaned it to them a year ago. The water had come from condensation over the year of heating and cooling cycles with humid air cycling through the breather over that time. A tiny drop each time accumulated enough to fill the carb float bowl. I gave them a lecture on Generator maintenance (run a minimum of once a month with a load) & went home to bed. The fuel tanks on my aircraft are vinylester & in theory I should not get condensation but I found a tiny amount in the fuel tester once after not flying over a period of high diurnal temperature change days. Water can be a problem anywhere.
  7. I always use Mr Funnel except when getting Avgas from a bowser. I have never had an issue & the servo I buy my premium 98 is busy & recently had a tank upgrade. When I purchased my Mr Funnel the instructions said to fill it 1/3rd full with water to see what happens. Well none of the water came through so I filled it right up & still no water came through. I emptied the water & then poured in some petrol. It went through the filter like it wasn't even there. I think it cost about $50.00 but is the cheapest fuel insurance you will ever have.
  8. I thought it would be expensive but wasn't prepared for that. Still if you have developed it and there are no competitive products, you can name your price and recoup the development costs fairly quickly,
  9. So Muilenburg has kept his job - for now. Not so long ago he was CEO & chairman of the board. To hold both positions is IMHO a total conflict of interest but seemingly quite common among US corporations & I would hazard a guess that corruption within all those organsations is alive and well. He has worked for Boeing since 1985. He held various engineering and management roles mainly in the Military side till 2013 when he was appointed President, then CEO in 2015 & finally Chairman of the Board in 2016. The problems with poor quality components in the NG series was highlighted in an SBS documentary way back in 2011 by whistleblowers who all got fired and the bean counters won the day which continued up until the Max disasters. Where the hell does the buck stop at Boeing? The Chairman rabbited on at the last press conference that he had complete faith in "Denis" who is right on top of all the issues. What utter horse manure. He should have been on top of everything when employees began complaining of poor quality components in the early 2000s. Those that spoke up were fired & they continued their merry way until the Max crashes. 3 NGs crashed on landing and broke apart due to poor quality fuselage ribs (complained about by the whistleblowers). This had never happened in earlier 737s. Boeings profits have tumbled as has the stock value, the Max is still grounded, there are problems with components in the 787 and the 737 NG pickle fork cracks is the latest hit. Muilenburg has to go along with the current Chairman Calhoun and all the others who are supporting these failures. Boeing is far from the bottom but it has to get there and acknowledge its failings before any recovery can take place but even that may be a bridge too far. Is it like GM "too big to fail"? With the US debt in excess of $23 Trillion it is hard to see the government being interested in a bailout but of course it will happen as it will be in the national interest.
  10. Your expert engineering solution has been noted. May I suggest you now update Boeing and Qantas to ensure modifications as specified are carried out without exception to all 737 NGs regardless of operational cycles completed before each aircraft flies again..
  11. You will also need a Transponder, Mode C minimum.
  12. Yes the smell does permeate my vinyl ester tank but goes away after the canopy has been opened for a few minutes. Take a sniff of a can with Avgas in it & a can of Mogas 98 & the difference is huge. I haven't sniffed the automotive fuel lines which are pretty thick but I'll do this & see if it is permeating them as well.
  13. According to the RA-Aus website the average hour since 1/1/19 is 62.29 which I reckon is total BS. Students probably clock up the most but most aircraft owners fly way less that 50 hours annually. I fly regularly & fly around 50 hours/year. Of the 30 or so aircraft based at our aerodrome about 10 don't see the light of day, 10 fly 2 to 10 times a year and the others clock up 10 to 60 hours a year. The exception is the FTF Jabiru that would be well in excess of 200 hours a year.
  14. I have used Mogas in my Jabiru 3300A Gen 3 engine since new. Initially I used BP 95 & then they started adding ethanol so I switched to 98 from Shell. I always buy from a busy petrol station so the fuel is fairly fresh and it is always filtered through a Mr Funnel filter which will remove any dirt and water. I've never found anything in 4 years. I keep about 1-2 hours of fuel on board and top up with some fresh before flying if there is a break of more than 2 weeks. Mogas 98 has a number of aromatics to improve its octane and clean running perspective but they do make it stink. Avgas has a fairly low odour. The aromatics include Toluene which evaporates off quickly. It will last much longer in a sealed container so long as it is full. BP did a study a few years ago and found that after 5 weeks in a vehicle tank the light components had evaporated a lot but the octane rating actually went up to 99. The result was that starting was at times more difficult and in high revving engines detonation was a possibility when under load. The detonation is not a major issue for direct drive aero engines as they are quite low revving engines but starting could be a problem. That said I've never had a starting problem attributable to the fuel. I have used Avgas when away from home as that is what was on offer at the aerodrome. I did not notice any performance difference.
  15. I don't know if the Engineers Union is a militant one or not but whenever unions see an opportunity to bolster their own importance they will do so and especially so if they think they can get some extra money out of it. Also do you think these engineers have more knowledge of the issues surrounding the cracks in the picklefork wing assembly that the manufacturer and certifier?
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