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  1. It has a CVR but as far as I know does not have a FDR.
  2. Kyle C, This is your opinion and you are entitled to it but it is not what this thread was created for. Check the issues raised in the Off Topic section and you can argue on this forever.
  3. It certainly points to a major mechanical failure of some description. With such total destruction it will prove incredibly difficult to determine the cause. It has been done before though as they piece tiny fragments together to establish which parts were attributable to the impact and which weren't and then determine what failed.
  4. So by that argument other countries who also only produce 1 or 2 percent can say the same thing so if there are 50 or 60 countries with the same statement all of a sudden half of the worlds emission stay the same or increase. NO we must all deal with it or eventually perish. I'll be dead before this happens, if it does but poeple being born today will certainly feel the brunt.
  5. Better than 19:1 is a very impressive L/D and is approaching sailplane specs. It this a correct value?
  6. The argument of "we only produce x% of global emissions is a cop out and irrelevant. Every human on this planet (almost 8 billion of us) contributes in some way to the change in our climate. None of us can really do anything as an individual unless you are immersed in the issue. Our way of life means we use cars/trucks/planes and our infrastructure requires megatons of fossil fuel to run plus we power our lifestyles with it as well. We have to change for survival of our species and it is happening but at a pretty slow rate. The massive uptake of renewable energy from solar and wind is a great example along with the huge development in energy storage. Awareness is one of the greatest drivers. We can all do a little but the big polluters like coal fired power will eventually die as the cost of creating replacements is way above that of renewables. My contribution is less than most of the Petrol Heads and power boat owners around. I will still keep flying using fossil fuel just as I will keep driving my car. I am though aware of the issue and am reducing my carbon foot print in other ways. When I was born 70 years ago in a months time the global population was 2 billion, now it's almost 8 billion and the improvements in technology and living standards have improved exponentially in that time. Population is the biggest problem but it's going nowhere soon.
  7. The conditions out there were pretty bad as I understand it with lots of wind, mountainous terrain & I imagine heavy smoke cover. The crew were reported to all be US citizens. Their job is incredibly dangerous & I sometimes wonder how they find the nerve to do it. The risk of something like this is extreme. I certainly couldn't. RIP friends. You came here to help and gave your lives for people you do not know.
  8. A 1978 Cessna 182Q, VH -WNR. As far as I know there was no severe weather at the time. The call was calm & collected but it would appear only seconds from disaster. The debris was spread over a wide area according to reports indicating a high speed impact. A mechanical failure of some type perhaps.
  9. Debris has been recovered from the water this morning off Moreton Island but it has yet to be confirmed it is from the missing aircraft.
  10. OME used to supply them via the company he worked for a few years ago. Pretty much any quantity and at a good price. I'm sure he will still have contacts.
  11. Black, no water that I could detect but probably condensate/oil mix as it was thin & I did not top up at all between changes. The oil level dropped about 2mm from start to finish.
  12. Aeroshell comes in quart bottles. 3 quarts is 2.838 litres and this brings the oil level to about 3/4 up the knurled OK range on the dipstick which is about the maximum level it should be. The 3300A engine holds 3.5 litres according to the book but this must also include the oil cooler & if I put this much in it would be overfull & throw the excess out into the catch bottle. My oil cooler is a fairly large 7 row Positech & sits at the bottom of the firewall with its own NACA duct air supply & the lines are a metre or so long so there is probably half a litre at least in that part so that just gets mixed in with the new oil.
  13. I have just completed my 100 hourly & annual inspection. I tipped about 25ml of oil out of the catch bottle. It was black and fairly thin. That is from 25 hours of operation. Swished it with a bit of petrol to clean it, let it dry & replaced it. The firewall & bottom of the plane was only dirty from runway dust etc. Just as an aside, the total cost for the maintenance was $139.54 which included a new oil filter, new air filter, new fuel filter, 12 spark plugs & 3 quarts of Aeroshell W100 plus. Labour of course was free & I know absolutely that everything was done. I could probably add $5.00 for consumables like degreaser, torque seal, brake fluid & anti seize but it sure beats paying a LAME.
  14. That may be one of the reasons why there have been so many ballistic chute deployments when something minor has happened with the engine still producing power and the pilot could have continued to a safe landing area had it not been deployed.
  15. I don't know what brand they are but I have never had such an issue with any of the nutplates I've used. The screws tighten up due to the thread being slightly tapered but they go right through without excessive force and keep going till whatever is being clamped is tight. By the current number of posts it probably takes about 20 posters to put a screw into a nutplate.
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