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  1. kgwilson

    Affirm? Or Roger...

    Here is a definitive document. http://wiki.flightgear.org/ATC_phraseology
  2. kgwilson

    Affirm? Or Roger...

    "Roger" used to be the phonetic for "R" before the NATO phonetic alphabet became the standard so "R" is now Romeo. Roger is defined as "Read and Understood. I have received all of your last transmission". Affirm means "Yes". So if someone is asking you a question & you can answer with a yes, say "Affirm". It you are being advised of a situation where a readback is not required say "Roger". What is not acceptable is CB speak of "Copy" or "Copy that" etc. There was an article in the October Sportpilot of radio use in class G airspace. There is no difference when you are in controlled airspace except when being provided with information from ATC a readback is usually required to confirm you have read and understood the transmission.
  3. Very sobering and a very lucky man.
  4. kgwilson

    Please Vote

    Recreational Flying is my vote. I have a PPL & RPC and built my own aircraft. I have been a recreational pilot most of my adult life starting with Hang Gliding in 1975, PPL & Cessnas/Pipers 15 years later & RAA since 2009. There are plenty of site members who have similar stories. There are some PPL people who seem to look down on RAA people & recently there has been a bit of bad blood, eg the trademark fiasco & more recently AOPA whingeing about privileges. I share the sky with many GA aircraft, use the same radio frequencies & chat to them on the ground. Never had a problem.
  5. kgwilson

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    I'd add to the RH side the Hawker Hunter, the best looking jet fighter of all time, the BAE Hawk, best looking jet trainer and of modern warbirds, the Tornado. I also like the Sukoi SU 27 & up. Makes the F35 look like a bus.
  6. kgwilson

    Power Plants

    Governments, that is the Libs and Nats have too many vested interests in fossil fuel to make good rational decisions and push for sustainable renewable energy. The funny thing is that ordinary people and business are ignoring the politicians & doing it anyway.
  7. kgwilson

    General cleaning of flying wires

    See this recent thread. Lots of suggestions here. Rust spots on fly wires
  8. Oops my mistake. An oil change with a new filter is 3 quarts, not 2 as I originally said.
  9. I put 2 quarts of Aeroshell 100 plus in with a new filter every 25 hours. My Engine is a Generation 3 3300 with roller cam followers. I have a Positech 7 row oil cooler mounted low on the firewall which holds a good 1/2 litre including the oil hose lines. The oil level is about 3-4mm below the top of the knurled section of the dipstick. After 25 hours the oil level is about 6mm below the top of the knurled section. I do not top up at all. The oil catch bottle usually has a small amount of condensate and sludge in it which I tip out and then replace the bottle on the firewall. The only issue I've had was a loose hose clip which allowed the sludge to drip down the firewall on to the bottom of the cowl and along the underside of the fuselage. It was surprisingly hard to get off. The secret is do not overfill the engine and it will perform well using little oil and won't throw any out. Don't baby the engine either. My minimum cruise is 2800 rpm up to about 3000 rpm in a cruise climb.
  10. kgwilson

    Old Glenn Innis to Grafton Road

    Good post JG3. My neck of the woods. I usually just get high & go direct but this track offers more options if the noise stops. From South Grafton head to Buccarumbi & after crossing the Nymboida River near the junction of the Boyd River you follow the Boyd River until it turns South & then head North to the Mann River following the Old Glen Innes Road, cross the Henry River & then follow the Mann River till the Old Glen Innes Road heads North to join the Gwydir Highway. The Mann River has its source not far from Glen Innes. The Boyd River joins the Nymboida River & then the Nymboida River empties into the Mann which heads North eventually joining the Clarence to then head South & East to Grafton & on to Yamba and the sea.
  11. My point was referring to Ben Morgans letter, the aircraft he was describing & pilot privileges, all fit in to the existing RAA category so the aircraft could be re-registered with RAA & the pilot do a RAA conversion & could then self declare medical fitness. L2 maintenance for a 24 registered aircraft is less arduous and costly that the full Lame experience. You just pay an annual membership fee and aircraft registration. CASA & Politicians are far more likely to do what I said in post 156. Personally I think we should go the way of the UK. PPL by day rules are a medical self declaration based on a car licence once before the age of 70 & every 3 years thereafter. The study they did and consultation with industry found that class 2 medicals had not improved safety at all and in 20 years they could not find any fatal crashes that could directly be attributable to medical issues. The problem is with their ties to the EU it only applied to UK licences flying non EASA aircraft. This is one of the bureaucratic EU issues that Brexit has to resolve.
  12. Your opinion but CASA and Politicians can be remarkably dumb. The other point is that if you built it yourself then you can do all maintenance and modifications yourself. If not then L2 maintained which is a lot less arduous and less expensive that LAME costs.
  13. Why wouldn't CASA & the politicians just say to Ben Morgan Just go away & join RAA-Aus. Problem solved.
  14. You blokes have more faith in never having an electrical failure than me. In all probability you won't ever have an electrical failure but it isn't certain. There is a reason that most aircraft have separate dual ignition systems totally independent of the electrical system. Have you practiced flying without the Skyview as in circuits and forced landings?
  15. kgwilson

    Side Menu Implemented

    When hovering over a members avatar, the detail is partly obscured by the new side menu, presumably because the side menu is specified to be always on top. All detail is shown when clicked as it opens a separate page.