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  1. As an aircraft it can't match anything in the Sukhoi SU27 to 35 family. Indonesia has SU35s more than a match for the FA18s. The new SU57 is likely to be everything the F35 should have been and more with real capability. Clutching on to the coat tails of Trumps mob only benefits them. In the event of a major issue if there is no benefit for the US it won't bother. The real issue is "are the latest generation of fighter/attack aircraft relevant in todays world of long range super accurate missiles, drones etc." As for the billions being spent on obsolete submarines that don't seem to have a real purpose, what logic is there to that decision other than to suck up to the frogs.
  2. Polycarbonate is incredibly tough, can be bent to shape easily and is easy to drill whereas Acrylic isn't as strong, doesn't bend much and cracks easily. Acrylic though is cheaper, can be easily blown to form bubble canopies, doesn't yellow with age (UV exposure), is more scratch resistant than Polycarbonate & these can be polished out (You can't do this with polycarbonate) and has better clarity than polycarbonate. It is just horses for courses
  3. A picture is worth a thousand words. Even the newer coal fired plants are highly polluting as well as a blight on the landscape. Solar supplemented by gas is a good interim solution until we can transition to 100% renewables. Coal seam gas has its problems and even though they have tidied up their act the fracking process still carries a pretty high risk of ground water contamination.
  4. Looks fine to me Ian. I don't have any screen issues as I use a 16:9 24" monitor
  5. The decision to divert should be made well before the thought of "It is getting a bit late but we should get there". Whatever whiz bang digital colour screen all singing and dancing Nav EFIS & EMIS system you have doesn't matter one iota when you find you are in the predicament of this fateful flight decision. You are now almost at your destination, It is dark, you can't see the airfield, the GPS says it is right there, your flying friend is providing info on the radio & you respond but there are a million things flying around in your head, so you don't process anything well, the PAL activation isn't working, you are almost out of fuel, your heart rate is now over 180 , you can't concentrate on or interpret anything on the EFIS. Panic sets in, your brain is freezing up, bang. This is a pretty horrible scenario but it has happened numerous times because get there itis or whatever you like to call poor decision making can have catastrophic and fatal results.
  6. Mogan Sierra, Piper Sport & Spitfire
  7. Chipmunk & other visitors
  8. Spitfire about to leave for home
  9. Front veranda
  10. Clubhouse just after recladding May 2014
  11. I agree. When I did my initial VFR night training I was too high on first flare but as the runway was over 2000 metres long I got down OK. The PAPi & VASI lights also were a distraction as my glide slope & final was a lot steeper & shorter in a C152 than any airliner.
  12. PAL is "Pilot Activated Lighting" and is a set frequency for the aerodrome. It is activated for a set timeframe, the minimum being 30 minutes. It requires the pilot to change frequency to the aerodrome PAL frequency and press the PTT button 3 times for between 1 & 5 seconds each press within a time period of 24 seconds from the first press to the last. Pilots are advised to send 3 bursts of at 3 seconds each with 1 second between each burst. If another activation is detected within the minimum time period the system resets the time back to the start. Yes it can be activated from the ground. You need to be able to do this if you are there and want to work out where the runway is for takeoff.
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