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  1. kgwilson

    13. Thoughts so far, or great expectations

    I think we all have expectations of what a "Kit" entails when deciding to build an aircraft. I got quite a shock to find the manual was almost incomprehensible. The manufacturer who wrote it had very poor written expression skills, could not spell & missed a lot out. The saving grace was I went to the factory, got to know him & he was always happy to respond to even the most mundane questions & sent the missing bits immediately (He'd even forgotten to include the seats). He'd had the plans done by a professional which was good even though they were for an earlier fabric covered model. He did provide lots of construction photos & a video. Nothing in my kit was pre-drilled, cut to size or bent to shape and there were wrong sized bolts as well as missing bits. It was just a pile of extrusions, rolls of alloy sheet and some fibreglass mouldings straight from the mould. I guess I am different as I really enjoyed the challenge of doing things I'd never done before. The build took 4 years. Hang in there, it isn't what you expected but once completed I am sure you will look back with pride as to your achievements.
  2. Why do you feel safer in a Boeing? There is no logical reason why you should. Would you feel safe in a Boeing 737 Max 8 after the Lion air disaster? The lawsuits are likely to cost Boeing many $billions especially after the revelations that they didn't think it was necessary to advise pilots of some of the automation functions. The A320 is superior to a 737 in most respects & the A380 was just the wrong aircraft for the modern era.
  3. kgwilson

    Fuel Draining Jab 230c

    I used to use Mogas 95 in my Jab 3300 engine but the quality of 95 is sometimes doubtful and some petrol stations no longer sell 95 & have gone to an Ethanol mix which is 94 RON. It has up to 10% ethanol in it. Do not use this. Ethanol is hygroscopic so it mixes with any water in the tank from condensation or whatever & reduces the amount of ethanol in the petrol while making the ethanol/water mix a much greater volume than if it was only water . I now use exclusively 98 RON from a busy petrol station. My engine runs smoothly and I've never had an issue. It is also much cleaner than Avgas & doesn't foul plugs & leave deposits. There is a document put out by BP which discusses the issue of leaving fuel in storage tanks. Interestingly 98 RON increases its Octane rating over a period of 5 weeks but as the lighter components (aromatics like Toluene) evaporate off first the fuel becomes heavier so the mixture will be richer. It can cause problems in high revving conditions such as hard acceleration with a cold engine. This should never be the case with an aircraft engine if, as you should always do, warm it up to the minimums specified before a full power takeoff. You don't need to drain fuel out, just add some fresh fuel to what is already there & everything will be fine. The advice is to add some fresh if the engine is not run for more than a week. I usually fly at least once a weeks so it isn't an issue. A while ago after not flying for a couple of months due to weather and delays with parts I was quite surprised when I decided to test run the engine, it fired really quickly & I test flew it with no issues at all. Normally though I just add fresh fuel to the tank if I have not flown for some time. The BP document is attached. It is 10 years old but the information is still current. There is a newer fact sheet with some of the same information but providing no technical explanations. It should have been titled "petrol use and storage for dummies" petrol-life-vehicle-tanks.pdf
  4. kgwilson

    From airsickness to aerobatics

    Aeros don't make me fell sick at all. My problem is getting my brain to catch up with where my body is going.
  5. kgwilson

    NEW Video Library Implemented

    My screen is slightly higher resolution at 1920 x 1080. I changed it down & it almost fits, probably would if I got rid of my bookmarks bar but I like it there. It isn't a big issue. It fits horizontally in both resolutions but not vertically. The tab, command bar & bookmarks bars take up 28mm at the top of the screen. I have auto hide on for the task bar at the bottom.
  6. kgwilson

    NEW Video Library Implemented

    Hi Ian, Yes that works fine. I guess it was too simple & I thought there would be a special embedding command somewhere. I just did the same with a youtube clip to the Harrison Ford thread so it does work there. One thing that it does in the video library thread though is increase the display size to larger than my 16:9 24 inch monitor can display. Also I note that I can still edit the post I did last night.
  7. kgwilson

    NEW Video Library Implemented

    Can a youtube video be embedded in to an existing thread? I tried to do this in the Harrison Ford thread but could only add a link. The insert other media only seems to allow an existing attachment or an image from a URL
  8. kgwilson

    Jabiru LSA vs 160

    I've not flown either but did my conversion from GA in a J170. The controls of a 170 are pretty light but the wing is much bigger than a 160, I think the same as a 230 & the fuel is in the wings which does not affect the CoG like a fuselage mounted tank does. I have found that most low wing aircraft controls are lighter than high wing. When moving from a C150 to a C172 you need to set the trim well or you find the controls very heavy. Not so for a PA28-181.
  9. kgwilson

    Why I don't fly now

    Well that is unfortunate news. When something like this affects one of your main passions in life it can be quite upsetting. It must also be a bit of an issue with your management of the websites too. Four years ago I had a BRAO (branch retinal artery occlusion) in my right eye. I suddenly lost all sight in the right eye. I had no idea what was going on & then it slowly came back only to disappear again for about 70% of that eye. It is caused by a bit of plaque usually from the carotid artery finding its way to the artery that feeds the retina & blocks it. The retina is starved of oxygen and the part fed by that little artery dies. My biggest fear was I would not be able to fly, followed by not being able to drive. I was lucky as I still have some vision out of the right eye & my brain has compensated for the change. I also found out that there are plenty of one eyed pilots & drivers around. I am thankful that I can still do both but I know one day I won't be able to. It is sad that your day has come sooner than you wanted it to. Unrelated but a statement that has always stayed with me is "One day you will walk out to your hangar knowing that this flight will be your last or one day you will walk out to your hangar not knowing that this flight will be your last. You will not do both"
  10. I agree, most people I know who fly do it because they love flying not because they have plenty of or any money. Most are very ordinary people who have worked hard for what they have. I don't even think of the cost even though I am retired and have no income to speak of but never think twice about anything I need to spend on the plane. As the saying goes there is no point being the richest person in the cemetery. I hope by the time I get there I'll be the poorest but I will be happy that I pursued my passion to the best of my ability while I was above ground.
  11. The more damage to the airframe the better as would have absorbed more of the impact that way. Helmets or not the amount of trauma caused to a persons body coming to a sudden stop can easily cause multiple organ failures as well as those caused by impact with parts of the airframe.
  12. Sure is. never seen a 3 axis one before. Glides like one though.
  13. A mini helicopter? Hmmm. Both reports eventually noted it was known as Gyrocopter. Condolences to the families and friends of the deceased.
  14. It's a trike so not surprising. Better L/D than a brick but not much.