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  1. I have only ever seen Wilgas once & that was at the World Precision Flying Champs about 20 years ago in Hamilton NZ. I always thought they looked a bit like a Praying Mantis.The slow flying ability and accuracy of the pilots who flew them was astounding.
  2. I prefer to cruise at around 110kts & burn 17-18 lph. At 120kts I burn 24-25 lph & the bumps are harder.
  3. I plan to leave after the airshow & it looks like there will be a 20 knot NW headwind all the way home if Windy is right. Oh well "Time to spare go by air"
  4. So far just me & Bubbleboy. Old K is going AFAIK. The weather for the flight down from South Grafton on Friday looks good. Tailwind all they way if it is right
  5. Councils eyes all glazed over with the faint hope that the students and school will spend heaps of money in town. There will be no facts to back this up, just empty promises.
  6. With paid up capital of only 20 grand they will need to borrow money for the hangar as well as all the other set up costs etc. They will likely be just like Adani & try to get the funding from council or state. Banks & venture capitalists would't touch Adani nor would the Feds so the billionaire had to front will a couple of Billion even thought it will cost over $16.5 bill. This mob will need a benefactor with deep pockets if it gets off the ground.
  7. There is a free smartphone app called Runwaymap which has over 20,000 airports listed so this & perhaps other like it are taking over from websites like airport-data. It is still there though.
  8. I wanted to fly from a very young age & went up in a tiger moth when I was about 8. Then came model aircraft, motorbikes and women then hang gliding took off in the 70s & I was hooked. Built my first with disastrous results but flew to the 90s upgrading 8 times. In the early 80s I flew a weight shift Quicksilver but I was not impressed as it was noisy & slow. Then as disposable income improved I got my PPL & flew GA till I retired & by then there were numerous kits available. I like the ability to go places, comfort, speed, handling, reliability, strength. I flew a Bantam, Xair, Thruster & a couple of other rag & tube aircraft but they are just not my thing & I suspect that with all the choice available now the majority of budding pilots have similar feelings.
  9. No that $72k is the revenue from subscribing members
  10. Where did you get the $72k to produce & run on line from? Total cost is $216k less subscriptions received of $72k meaning total cost to RAA of $144k. This is the total cost of getting stories and articles, editing, publishing and setup for on line, plus printing and distribution. The costs relating to just getting the publication to an on line situation has not been provided. I asked for this information in my email to the CEO but have not received a response so far.
  11. If the magazine is relegated to an on-line only publication (assuming a similar format to now) the only costs that disappear are printing and distribution. Of the total cost of $216,000.00 per year how much is involved in getting stories and articles, editing and setup and publishing and how much advertising revenue is there to offset these costs? Why not reduce the number of copies per year to say bi monthly. It is only in the last few years that we have had 12 copies per year. It used to be 10 with nothing in December/January. If there were 6 copies at $12.00 per edition that's only $72.00 a year. I still like to read a magazine. I sit in front of a screen too much now.
  12. RAA kept the subscription cost artificially low in the hope it would attract more subscribers. I subscribe & got an email from Michael Linke on 22/8/19. In it he stated RAAus produces printed copies of ASP and delivers the magazine to 1750 subscribers, at an annual cost to all members of $216,000. As a subscriber, you help in raising about $6,000 per month for RAAus. The net loss to RAAus members to produce ASP is around $144,000 per annum. These figures are reflective of the broader economic climate within the magazine industry. Despite ASP only costing $4 per edition to subscribe, our subscription base hasn’t increased in the last three years. Other industry magazines cost upwards of $8 per edition and still we see a number of magazines ceasing to be printed. Most are converting to a fully digital framework. He invited subscribers to contact him with their thoughts & said there would be a survey soon. I responded with some comments and advised if it was history then just put the balance in my account as a credit. Interestingly, I have not received an invitation to complete this or had a response to my email. I like the Mag and know I'm now the minority & have been for some time. I can read it anywhere, take it anywhere & lend it to anyone. I was offered a refund but the web site still says I can renew my subscription at any time. Go figure.
  13. We only have 1 which is close to the threshhold of 1 runway adjacent to the taxiway & can be seen from the parking areas easily. If it was centrally located you wouldn't be able to see it from the parking area. It can be seen from both approaches but on the 08 approach you have no idea which way it is pointing till you land. Unless there is an already established runway you should always overfly at 1500 anyway, check the windsock & base your runway decision on that. There is a theory that when the windsock is fully extended horizontally the wind is around 18-20 knots or more & 45 degrees to the ground 8-10 knots.
  14. It would be a pretty poor emergency response service that didn't have its vehicles fuelled & full of foam & retardant etc 24/7.
  15. This is just another example of how much folly there is in the insistence of medicals for GA pilots. A GA instructor needs a class 1. A hangover from WW2 that should have been thrown out with some sensible process replacing it. It is only good for the time the person has undertaken the medical. As soon as they walk out the door anything can happen and in this case it did. You can bet that CASA will have no comment on this. The fact that there is no demonstrable benefit other than so called public perception won't faze them at all. As with previous similar events they will ignore it and espouse how they and their political masters are keeping us all safe. Makes me want to puke.
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