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  1. Amphibman


  2. Sorry that's Michael Smith.......... Epic round the world trip ... his longest leg time wise was about 16 hours........
  3. Arguably the longest distances were flown by John Smith from Melbourne on his round the world trip in his SeaRey “Southern Sun” Check his blog out at Southernsun's Travel Blog: Lake Itasca, United States - September 29, 2015
  4. Currently building a Sea Rey
  5. Hey Everyone Just landed as a newby - learnt to fly in a old Maule in the African bush but hav'nt been up for 2 years since I became an Aussie - want to get back into "it" and thought the best way would be to build a kit amphibian (because of where I stay -Whitsunday Islands). I really had my heart set on a "Super Petrel" - but they do not make the kit anymore so if anyone out there has any suggestions --I'm all ears.
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