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  1. markmn

    Tecnam P2008

    Two P2008s have been delivered to the US. They are serial no. 008 and 009. I am purchasing 009 and intended to take delivery last week but there is interference noise from the auto pilot coming into the the headsets and they were not able to fix it. I flew the plane a few hours doing stalls, steep turns and mostly pattern work. I have photos if anyone wants to see. Looking for any other P2008s that have been delivered and any experiences. Mark
  2. markmn

    Tecnam P2008

    I live in the united states and have signed a purchase agreement on the P2008. It has shipped from italy but not delivered to the US yet. I understand there are about 20 built so far. Does anyone know of any P2008 owners? Anyone have information besides the standard published information or any advice for a new tecnam owner? Mark
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