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  1. Keith Page

    RAAus really do not care about procedures

    Tony King read a prepared statement, nothing really informative. Only old known information. Spencer Ferrier did not know RAAus regulations. Just wonder what was going on ...... secondly why did Tony King rock up with his legal team. What were they scared of or what could have been asked of them.? Hmmmmmmm? KP
  2. Keith Page

    Alternate organisation...deafening silence

    Hello turbo, M61A1 is on to it. I was looking from inside Part149. That is controlled by placarding. With the helicopters there needs to be two seaters available for training with in the Part149 and Part 103. Turbo you are on to cost and regulations etc. etc. not the same type of relevance within Part 149 & 103. It is early days as to the administration. Why has "liability"? ... Always has to pop up? Think in another sphere and there is the answer. Be very very careful with this liability movement thing, because if one goes too hard at that one, there will be no aviation in Australia. The only thing flying about will be the RPTs and the unregistered planes and unlicensed pilots. That will be a mess. To me CASA's safety programme is to have no planes flying and that mission is gained by over regulating -- with this over regulation comes exorbitant costs and people will give up and go fishing. Example in this case, "Angel Flight" KP.
  3. Keith Page

    Alternate organisation...deafening silence

    What are you saying regarding GA component? We are not thinking anything like GA. Got me thinking where or how or why GA is involved in this equation. Yes, there is a weight increase just like RAAus is seeking. I can assure the weight is not the hold up, nor are the light helicopters. The big question, At the moment, legally, where are the small helicopter fitting into the scheme of things? KP
  4. Keith Page

    Alternate organisation...deafening silence

    Turbo you have me stuck. GA Component? We do not have a GA component, however can you show me where you are thinking we have a GA component then I can address it. KP
  5. Keith Page

    Alternate organisation...deafening silence

    Hello robinsm, I only wish work behind the scenes made a noise, however these behind the scenes activities are silent and invisible. Notice how the politicians get on radio and TV well that is being seen and heard. I must inform you we are working with CASA and endeavouring to get help from the politicians. Hence we have been visiting a lot of pigeon holes and hurdles. KP.
  6. Keith Page

    RAAus to disclose member details

    Isn't there an audit getting about which was done about something about 4 months ago. (Will stand being corrected on time) This audit cover RAAus governance. I have not heard of anyone discussing it. Is this audit stuck under the carpet? KP
  7. Keith Page

    Bad Experience with Jabiru

    If it is not the above. Most of the time it is the good old, "Fingers Disease". KP
  8. Keith Page

    RAAus to disclose member details

    KRvitor.. Changing a privacy policy at will is illegal, isn't it? We all signed the privacy policy which we know, then what we know has changed unannounced but as we are signed the original we must abide by this amended privacy policy. They think we are all stupid. To me looks like a pile of dictators. KP
  9. Keith Page

    RAAus to disclose member details

    You are not too far from the truth, every time when things are moved the voting is always 4-3..when one sees that regularly -- comes in the category of a non functional board. One would expect an occasional unanimous or 5-2, 6-1 but never a constant 4-3. KP
  10. Keith Page

    RAAus to disclose member details

    If they are hiding this what else is being hidden? I am a bit interested in the audits we do not hear about. KP
  11. Keith Page

    RAAus to disclose member details

    Thinking about this current situation of RAAus handing over our privacy with our consent. I am wonder what others are thinking - to me the members are too quiet or have they given up? The other important issue - I am wondering are all audit results released? It is an important governance issue that members get a hear about the results of the audits. Being honest and transparent I think would cover the thoughts. We have all heard, "All done in secret". Could still be the case. KP
  12. Keith Page

    Getting rid of the notification

    Sorry I do not have his details. The CDs used to advertised in the Sport Mag however not seen them for ages. Bill used to live is Brisbane do not know where he lives now, may be still be there. His initial are CW Whitney. KP
  13. Keith Page

    Getting rid of the notification

    Great to hear you are considering constructing your own aircraft. You will find this a really rewarding experience as you will be learning about flight and the engineering of such - at the same time. Go to Oshkosh constructor haven. Pinch some tips and ideas from the Americans, do not have to uses all ideas only take what you feel comfortable with. What I do say consider Levil for your instruments. (engine monitoring and flight) Before you start get a grasp of the engineering principals as you will have a truck load of "experts" offering advice. Yes, they are every where, the best question you can ask them, "Lets go and have a look at your plane so I can see how you did that". Hmmmmm gone in the dust. A very good place to start Bill Whitney has a set of CD's, get the CD's and the notes to go with them, then you will be on the road to happiness. Bill is an engineer who has a passion and an understanding these small aircraft. KP
  14. What a good idea.. Needs better advertising. KP
  15. Keith Page

    RAAus to disclose member details

    To me there is a clear breach by RAAus of a contract for privacy to the members. What is going on, is there warrant out to disenfranchise the members? We as members give RAAus our private information with the undertaking it is not to given to a third party, there is a contracted agreement regarding that information. KP