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3 books

  1. Sidney Cotton

    By Jeffrey Watson

    Sidney Cotton was a pilot, a businessman who was decidedly shady - and a spy. He was born in western Queensland in 1896, and even as a boy designed cars and planes. He served in the RAF in the latter part of World War I. He later went into business in the UK (aviation and photography) - and always operated very close to the edge. Various businesses went broke under him - but he always walked away. There were also suggestions that he was involved in society blackmail in London the 1930s. matters,

    • Published on 2002
    • 262 pages


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  2. I Flew for the Führer

    By Heinz Knoke

    "Heinz Knoke was one of the outstanding German fighter pilots of the Second World War and this vivid record of his experiences has become a classic among aviation memoirs. He joined the Luftwaffe on the outbreak of war, eventually becoming commanding officer of a fighter wing. An outstandingly brave and skilful fighter, he logged over two thousand flights, four hundred operational missions and was officially credited with thirty-three combat wins. He was awarded the Knight's Cross for his achiev

    • Published on 2003
    • 187 pages


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  3. The Private Pilot

    By C. S. Hames

    A well designed textbook for the student pilot desiring to study the theory component of aeronautical knowledge. First published in 1962, the content was revised in 1981 due to the adoption of the Metric System in Australia. The book exposes the theory in five parts: 1. Principles of Flight 2. Engines 3. Navigation 4. Meteorology 5.Aircraft Operation   The theoretical material presented in Parts I & 2 is sufficient to provide a working understanding of each

    • Published on 1981
    • 313 pages


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