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  1. until

    Looking forward to the trip over! Any one else going?
  2. Hi, Anyone know where I can get either a replacement, or parts for these.. Glass/Plastic is not very transparent, very hard to check fuel level in flight. Thanks..
  3. Last year when I was there we visited the international visitors tent, Free dinner. Catch up we people from around the world.. Great night! Wish I was going again this year, but needed a new car... Next Year! Also sea planes a must do!, a short bus ride from the front gate. Keith.
  4. Yeah, Sound advice.. The extra speed with of the CruZer over the 750 STOL, I would have to agree 3 point latch is the only way to go, with bubble doors.
  5. I did think about that but I would need to set it up for 3 point latch, as I been told the aft side of the bubble doors suck open about an 1" in flight. But will give it more thought. Regards Keith
  6. I see, very handy tool, I assume it sits in the top of the leg then hook under bungee pull up? good idea. Regards Keith
  7. Well, I don't. Not that I know what a JG bungee tool looks like... Regards Keith
  8. Next time I have the leg out, I'll trim it then. I can't easily go back to a bungee as I didn't recess the rivet around the bungee pin & I also pulled the rivets the opposite way in the channel. When I was @ Oshkosh this year, I noticed the Zeniths demo CruZer sitting low in the nose, it had taxied in over rough ground and it's bungee failed. I would hate to try and fit one with the engine in the way. The steel spring adds a bit of weight but a small price for a much better setup. (my opinion) Regards Keith
  9. I hope he can get it to market soon, The market needs it! But I have been planning this for the last 5+ years. Regards Keith
  10. I'd rather not say just yet. It's a little left field. It will be turbo charged producing 160hp. The only issue is weight, might not be able to squeeze it into RA-Aus, might have to go VH RPL Regards Keith
  11. Put a deposit on an engine and reduction box, hopefully take delivery next month.... My opinion is that a lot of the engines are relatively new to the market and don't have a lot of runs on the board so to speak, So if I'm going to be a research and development and a test pilot might as well be for myself.
  12. Thanks rankamateur, I'll go check them out. Regards keith
  13. What handle does the Savannah use? Any pics?
  14. Thanks, been a very enjoyable build so far. Yeah the spring is heaps better idea than the bungee. Regarding engine choice, no not viking, but will be an auto conversion. Regards Keith.
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