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  1. Bubble boy and all, Natfly has always had a big team of people to organise it, including Ops, office staff, board members, temora council, temora aviation museum, on field residents, towns people, and member volunteers. It is a huge job and everyone works their b$& off for months. So if it doesn't work, the team relies on constructive feedback. Cazza
  2. Hope we members can make a change for the better. Caz-
  3. DWF, Your analysis of the problem and your suggestion for a solution is spot on. But the process was there and the relevant people just didn't do their job. The Secretary or approved RA-Aus delegate shall cause to be kept a register of initial aircraft registrations in addition to renewals and transfers of aircraft registrations and subsequent inspections (RA-Aus Ops Manual) the Technical Manager is responsible to the RA-Aus Executive for the overall control, supervision and discipline of the … technical requirements of the relevant CAR’s CASR’s CAO’s, legislation ( RA-Aus Ops Manual)
  4. Those are two very different sets of circumstances, and so far I don't see anyone proposing that commercial interests should be given priority in the future. That's how I see it. Cazza
  5. Brian, I really don't think that would happen in our organisation, if it was allowed to be a member oriented organisation like it started. The çommercial interests, are really what I would term as backyard industries. I haven't seen anyone get rich in recreational aviation. And Turboplanner, I don't think that was what Brian is about. That's the problem with this type of communication. YOu can't hear the voice, see the facial expressions and so you can misinterpret. Cazza
  6. Brian, I understand your position and I don't disagree in the best of all worlds. A/c should be registered when they come due. But what happened is we were stopped from registering EVERYTHING and the registrations began to pile up and this went on for about a month. When the CASA man finally got there, can you imagine the mess? Where does one start? Staff didn't know what info was needed so each rego was examined, and info sent to people and there would have been piles of 1, ready to go when the CASA man looks at them, 2 needing more information, 3. Lost all their documentation, 4. Don
  7. Brian, the questions that are posted as part of a group discussion are not the 'groups position'. These questions come from all kinds of members and we just put them down- document them, to indicate what is going through people's minds. The one about priorities for manufacturers comes from a person who has seen how many thousands of dollars our importers , manufacturers pay to support Natfly, and other flyins, they spend their dollars advertising in our magazines, they spend dollars supporting member workshops (maintenance workshops for example). It is just a question, and one that has dif
  8. Hi Guys, (and Gals)Some comments on your post, John Reduced Board size - Perhaps a good idea, perhaps not. You guys out there are the Association. You elect a person to represent you. The elected person should represent your interests, if not, vote them out. How do the members know whether their interests are being represented? The Board works with such secrecy, that most of the Board don’t even appear to know what the Executive is doing or the rest of the Board if they are not in favor? Currently the representation is State Based. Perhaps it should be post code based, and that is
  9. CFIcare, you can do it any of those ways, however, I would suggest, that if you send it straight to the Secretary, contact your proxy holder and let them know you have done that. Given the uncertainty around, I would suggest you send your completed proxy to your proxy holder. They should know to get it into the office 24 hours prior to the meeting and keep a record of those they are looking after. Cazza
  10. Ian, proxies have to be at the office on Friday before the meeting. carol
  11. I believe the meeting was scheduled for the office which will hold about 60 people. They only have about 20 chairs. The rest can stand???????????? (That's what a previous employee told me once when I said a larger than usual number of members would be at the agm).
  12. Jim, Also when you joined the Board, you would have been given the Code of Conduct. On Page 4, Item 9, Introduction, it states: ""RA-Aus as a body representing the interests of members and pilots in the public domain, values its reputation for reliability, honesty and integrity. Board members are expected to uphold these principles when conducting RA-Aus business. Board members are also expected to rigorously comply with all aspects of the law pertaining to personal and corporate behaviour..."" On Page 4, #10 Principles of Personal Conduct, I draw your attention to paragraph f. ""Boa
  13. Jim, When you became a Board member, you would have been given a book that outlines the responsibilities of a Board member according to the law. Another member of this form posted this information, which is the same as is expected of Associations. So you must know what is going on and you must have access to the information that the exec has. in the eyes of the law, the exec have no special privileges, in fact they don't exist except to carry out Board policy. Technically, they are just ordinary Board members with a specific role, but that does NOT entitle them to information that is deni
  14. Air escape, I don't understand your comment? What is your point?
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