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long tall texan

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  1. long tall texan

    long tall texan

  2. Hi Kyle, I've flown in there a couple of times. A bit of a mixture of gravel/grass 1nm north of Agnes. 15/33. Cost me $20 to park the plane for the weekend. Call Les Woodall 0428 661434. Not sure what the situation is now. I flew in there before the Cessna incident on the beach...last year?
  3. Just a quickie....just suppose theoretically you are renting one space at a dual space hangar owned by local council at your local aerodrome. Is the onus on you to pay for the hangarkeepers insurance or the owner of the hangar?
  4. Looking at new altimeters. Can anyone tell me please the difference between" sensitive" and "insensitive" and what type do we normally use or more frequently used?
  5. Stopped there on the way back from Caloundra to Clermont. Perfect stopping point. And they make the best sandwiches!
  6. The airsevices website has a pilot briefing service that has all the current notams for the area your flying in/through. Free service, just need to create a username and password.
  7. Spoke to John from the school at Emerald this morning. A Vari-eze flew up from Warwick yesterday to take a prospective buyer for a flight. Haven't heard from them.
  8. On the news this morning: Five helicopters will join the search for an ultralight plane carrying two men, which failed to return to a central Queensland airport. An Australian Search and Rescue Coordination Centre (AusSAR) spokeswoman says the plane left Emerald airport at 3pm (AEST) on Wednesday. The alarm was raised around 6.30pm (AEST) and a search conducted using night vision goggles and infrared equipment. "It was a pre-sale familiarisation flight," the spokeswoman told AAP on Thursday. "We are coordinating a search with five helicopters. "We are hoping a more intense daylight search may find something."
  9. The sport cruiser was coming out with the piper name on it as "the piper Lsa" but due to corporate disagreements is now once again the aerosport sportcruiser and piper have nothing more to do with it. Still a good plane but Piper's agenda was at odds with the manufacturer's.
  10. Just wondering where everyone gets their tyres from. I'm looking for 15'x6.00-6 tyres but getting nowhere. Any help appreciated.
  11. Going to miss that beautiful Texan... She was my first. Thanks for the memories.
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