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  1. Re gliding field send a message to sandman on this site. Chris has a hangar with his drifter in and would know what’s happening. Hope this helps your query.
  2. Can you extend the top and bottom connection points forward and have sight tube on your side of the wall.
  3. You will have to plan a “wing and a prayer “ flight to the tip of the cape.
  4. Nice, what time you leaving. I’m departing at 6:30 or before for Childers. probably see you there as air field closes for Drag meeting at 7am so all flyers to be departed by then. Cheers and have a nice enjoyable flight.
  5. Had a nice fly this morning up to the Whitsundays after the completing the annual service on the Nynja. No surprises just a few tightenups an some minor changes. Good air speed at 5,000 rpm and wot is 5,600 rpm so a bit up the sleeve. Ready for a trip to Childers. All good and clear skies. 20210915_105910.mp4
  6. Had a nice fly this morning up to the Whitsundays after the completing the annual service on the Nynja; ready for a trip to Childers. All good and clear skies. 20210915_105910.mp4
  7. Emu Park is grass, and a great destination. Cheers
  8. Weekend looks good weather, planning to fly to Ayr if get annual finished. No surprises yet, just a couple of adjustments. Cleaned the air filters tonight so re oil tomorrow when dry. Then the undercarriage and brakes and then will be in the home straight. Should finish off on Thursday. Mikes at good pilot and great guy; should try and fit in a fly with him as he has been flying Ray a fair bit in recent times. Is your strip ok for flying or another near by, even Emu Park. Cheers and enjoy.
  9. The owner before Ray owns the Lightwing in the same (Matts) hangar. He still misses the Truster as he did heaps of flying in it. Shame missed you as I'm doing my annual on the Nynja in the 2nd hangar back from the northern end. Enjoy the Thruster, did you do a fly in her with Mike?
  10. Bingo mate, sounds exactly what I could see without dismantling. My mate is coming out this afternoon and I'll look at it better then. With what you say may be ream out to take the aileron type bushes might work for the top hats (just shortened a bit. Cheers.
  11. Hi Mark A friend of mine has just assembled a Sav XL with 270 hours on it. When we move the control stick left to right there is movement in the bolt fit out for the aileron control. The location where a horizontal AN3 size bolt is located low on the stick connection to the torque tube. Have you struck this slop before? I’m having a better look for him this afternoon. Thinking some washers or a sleeve etc should correct things. I did mention slop there is no good. He did a circuit last Sunday and not happy with the slop that results in control lag. Thanks in advance for any comments and rep
  12. Nice Marty, good to fit insulation boots on the ends over the terminals for added contact protection.
  13. Looking nice. Could you fit camlocs where you have nutserts, will reduce unscrewing fastenings. I did this with the Nynja and wow it makes opening up a quick job. Look forward to the progress and one day will say hi in person. Cheers.
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