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  1. Kenchhidu


  2. So it turns out im Autistic. I went solo back in 2012 but it took a lot of training to get that far. I ran outta money to finish my certificate but I'm in a better financial position and want to get back into it. I've since been diagnosed and I know why I had trouble with some parts of learning to fly. Is there any other Aspie pilots out there? Do you have any tips on how to overcome the problems that come with Autism? The two main problems were saying out loud what I was doing to the instructor and the spacial recognition in relation to when to flare.
  3. The photos show it was Danny's homebuilt. Coominya Flight Training I'm glad he is doing well, all things considered. I really feel for the work he put into the plane. I'd rather loose a limb than loose something I put my heart and soul into. Then again, I haven't started building yet so I might wanna burn the thing by the time it's done.
  4. Its not exactly the STOL machine it looks like if it has trouble keeping the stall speed under 45kts
  5. Has anyone seen the leaked email they're talking about in this article from Australian Flying? Weight Increase for Ra-Aus?
  6. I'm bumping this thread in response to the new one about the MTOW increase. This was 12 years ago!! Don't hold your breath guys.
  7. Yes. Pilot and one passenger. I should have mentioned he said RPL also INCLUDES controlled airspace, except eperemental etc. I'm just repeating what casa have said, which means nothing untill it's in writing...
  8. Sometimes I wish I had a voice recorder. It was something about the GPS chip.
  9. At the Casa safety seminar they had a small slide show of some up coming changes. One of which was the RPL and it's restrictions. It will be limited to Day VFR, single pax, mtow 1500kg and the drivers licence medical. The pilots who want to 'downgrade' will need to tell casa. The thing is they still need to go to there GP every two year to get a certificate saying there healthy enough to drive. That doesn't sound that bad untill talking afterwards when he said RAA will be getting the GP medical requirement too.
  10. Tonight when I was at the Archrfield Safety seminar I brought up the subject of Electronic Flight Bags and they said the iPad/iPhone (or android if you like to be different) are classed as "Electronic Chart Depiction" not EFB's. I can't really see the difference but there not approved for navigation etc, only for charts and books, that nomally go in your flight bag???
  11. Today I done my first unassisted landing. It was such a great feeling of achievement. I then followed it up with another 6 circuits with my cfi only touching the stick once. I'm still along way from soloing but it's good to know im progressing.
  12. So there's still a chance I'll get mine eventually. I was giving up hope.
  13. Today I walked past the Newsagents I used to get the mag from when I was a 'lurker' so I decided to see if they had the mag yet. I found it there with the newsagents sticker saying they got it in the 10th. I got last months quick because it came with my certificate and tech manual. I think I'd rather have a discount to not get the mag and buy it myself earlier.
  14. But still, that means ours arent far behind. The new magazine team are doing a great job.
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