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    ICP savannah
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    Design and manufacturer of aircraft components, fuel filtèrs, bubble doors, landing gear. Aircraft builder, test pilot. Rec flyer.
  1. Support, Quality and an endless supply of ideas and cad ware are the main things to look for. XYZ Printing has hundreds and thousands of free dowloads for printing. I have a dA Vinci 1.0 Aio all in one 3D Printer (Scan/Edit/Print) for sale. The images tell the story. It has had only 14hrs use. This printer will scan an object and print as well.
  2. roxy


  3. Marty, Its there in the plans. I cant remember where maybe with the fuse or the top skin. This any help, 207 pictures link for one drive https://1drv.ms/f/s!AiMclxK35A_9iARaKQnya6j3QkSt
  4. Hi Neil, Northern NSW I am not a blog or post person. Its taken years to reply to just landed that stupid bar across the top. I think they call it blackmail. That's why I don't bother.
  5. Hl All. I have built and test flown 9 aircraft.
  6. Practice exams Try Pilot Pal I do not have the link maybe google
  7. If it's not to late I have one in the Ballina Byron Bay area
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