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  1. RAA forum states it was a Pipistrel model Virus SW 100 with a Rotax 912 motor. https://www.pipistrel-aircraft.com/aircraft/cruising/virus-sw-80-100-115-is/
  2. Where would I be able to get a new filter for the ACS fuel Gascolator part number 10544-1 fitted to my Skyfox Rotax.
  3. Thanks for the update. Handy for me as I live on the Sunshine Coast.
  4. Thanks for the above reply will keep an eye on this topic for more news.
  5. Hi Scott Thanks for your reply. My motor is the 80HP Rotax and I have an 80% ethylene glycol coolant.The top of the green arc on my gauges ( original Skyfox gauges ) are 150c which I can't understand why they would mark them that high. The problem I see is the radiator in Skyfox's is mounted in the centre of the motor instead of out the front and the oil cooler is attached to the firewall which is OK in cool weather but in summer !!! Regards Tony
  6. Since I have had my Gazelle I have had trouble finding out what temperature readings I should be seeing in summer for CHT and oil. As the green line on the gauges go very high before getting to the red , I am interested to know what the considered acceptable temperature readings should be. In the cooler months I generally cruise at 100C for CHT and 90C for oil but summer tends to be 115C CHT and 100C oil. Interested to hear what others get. Regards Tony
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